Full Version: BfA Professions Profit Calculator Spreadsheet
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Thank you!!!! This looks awesome.
Thanks a for the work.
:O oh wow that gonna boost my income , i hope !
will take a look thanks
Necesito probarlo THX BRO
(12-02-2018, 08:17 AM)Phoen1x Wrote: [ -> ]Finding out the exact profit per craft is often a hard task, there are add-ons that do it but the price database is not live, it's usually 1-2 hours behind.
This spreadsheet provides profit crafts for the following:
  • Cooking Feasts
  • Alchemy Flasks
  • Darkmoon Cards
  • Legion Expulsom Crafts
  • Platinum Prospecting
  • Living Steel Flipping
Using this spreadsheet you can make quick and easy gold on your realm if you have the professions.


Thanks for putting something like this together.
Let's have a look, I'm too lazy to make one myself Big Grin
Yo, exactly what i was looking for, thanks!
thanks dude true legend
Thanks for sharing
Nice Guide bro, tanks
Thanks for the hard work!  Its appreciated
Thanks a for the work.
Thanks for sharing
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