Full Version: How I Farmed all Rare Mounts in WoW Within a Week [TLPD, Aeonaxx, VoidTalon etc]
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Ty for the guide!
Thanks for the post!
Thanks for this!
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Thanks for sharing this!
Thanks for the info. :>
Thank you for this guide.
Great guide, thanks for the info!
Thanks! Gotta farm
Great guide, thanks for the info!
Thanks you for this guide hope i can have all the mount with this Smile
farmed all draenor mounts ty
Does this still work?
thank you for guide
(01-29-2020, 02:24 AM)AprilMonster Wrote: [ -> ]Does this still work?

The guy above you just posted he farmed all Draenor mounts using this method, so yes, it still works.