Full Version: [Ownedcore Elite] Farming Teebu's Blazing Longsword and Insane title together
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I'm sure all of you know what teebu's blazing longsword is. For those of you who don't it's one of the rarest and most desirable after items in the game.that looks like a sith lightsable a red one like darth vaders.

seen here > Teebu's Blazing Longsword - Item - World of Warcraft <


It has a 0.01% chance of dropping from a heavy junkbox which is pick pocketed by a rogue from places like BRD and LBRS off the humanoids there.

you'll also need an amount around 1400 of them to get someone from revered to exalted for the Ravenholdt for that part of the insane title

can you use them for both, yes you can.

I found out that if you unlock the junkboxes and look inside them and you leave at least one item in it. 

you can still turn them in even though they are unlocked.

that means you can unlock them look inside for teebu's blazing longsword. while openned they still can be mailed to other characters so if you wanted to you could sell them to people who want the insane title but don't have a rogue or the desire to level one up and grind all those boxes.

a must have for this the add-on "prospectbar" keep in mind it's different than prospecting or disenchanting because they won't get removed from that bar after you've unlocked them so you've got to have the sense to have auto loot off and not spam click.

Wish everyone good luck for getting teebu's blazing longsword and nice profit from selling those boxes!

looking forward to trying this
Thank you, I'll try it
Thanks for sharing Smile
That's a really sexy sword Big Grin
Looking forward to trying this.  Heart
cool thank you much
Have to take a look
Thanks! Will try it!
cool thank you!!!

cool thank you!!!
Definitely looking forward to trying this out!
Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for sharing!
Thank you, I'll try it
Sounds fun, always wanted one of these  Big Grin
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