Full Version: Ratstallion exploit applications (and more)
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I won't write down everything you can see in the video. Most of it is useless. I want to share it with you, though, eventually someone finds some way to make it useful. Please share your thoughts and findings Smile

/use Ratstallion Harness
/use Ratstallion Harness

steal gryphon and gain permanent speed buff:
1. use the macro in The Underbelly until you get glitched
2. move your character to the flightmaster with Grappling Hook / Heroic Leap or similar abilities
3. talk to the flightmaster and run back into The Underbelly with your rat
4. take a flightpath and immediately use the Harness (not the macro)
5. run back to The Underbelly again
6. repeatedly use the macro until you have 2 or more Ratstallion buffs on you (slowly or you'll get teleported to flight destination)
7. get rid of the gryphon by either spamming the macro or running into the area of the opposite faction
8. profit - buff persists through loading screens, flight paths and fights. logging out and dying will cancel it

some additional notes:
- when you are glitched (character and rat seperated), your character can not fall down 
         -> endless climbing with Grappling Hook possible

- before the latest patch it was possible to get a second world glitch by jumping out of dalaran when sitting on gryphon and the Ratstallion, allowing you to glitch friends through every terrain on a two-seater - fixed for some reason :'(

- in rare cases, using the macro will spawn a Ratstallion that follows you

- when you successfully stole the gryphon and you're not on the Ratstallion mount, it will always 
  face in the direction of your recent target

- your average sandbox tiger has 80hp Tongue
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