Full Version: Forum Contributor the new user group
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I have introduced a new user group for members who have contributed tremendously towards the site by providing content and keeping it updated.

This user group is Contributor with a shiny new badge and award:

[Image: contributor.png]
[Image: star.png]

The award can be earned by contributing a few things to the site which helps users greatly or by just being there to solve problems members have regarding some methods.

The badge gets you entry into the Contributor user group which is earned by providing the community with the most valuable resources or guides. The amount of thanks you receive is also a determining factor for earning this.

Some features of being in the contributor group:
  • No longer need to post to unlock links.
  • Forum contributors can access all sections of the forum, even the donators section.
  • Can change username.
  • Can give or take +3/-3 Reputation.
  • Can change or add signature.
  • Gets a free 1 week sticky of whatever thread on whichever section he/she chooses.
  • Will greatly be considered for a chance to become forum moderator group in future.
  • Name permanently written in forum team page found here: