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serveral games stock
Hello everyone!We are a reller and have been running business in 20+ games since 2014.
Today here, we want to buy&sell stock in some games,such as:
Silver in Albion
Adena in Lineage 2 classic servers(aden,giran,talkingisland,gludio)
Keys in Rocket League (PC)
Astral Diamonds in NeverWinter XBOX/PS4
Gold in WOW private servers(Netherwing,Dragonblight,Northdale or etc) and wow classic server !
If you are interested in this part or you have demand in other games,please feel free to contact us!
Btw please tell us where do yocu find it when you send friend request,thanks a lot mate!
skype :[email protected]
discord :AOA WTB#9618      24hours online
We are keep trying our best to give you best price we can provide(buy&sell).
And of course,we will show you something to prove we are a reliable buyer & seller.Smile
Thanks a lot for your time!
yeah bummmp pummp it
Our website is : www.okogames.com
If you want to buy from us, we have 5% off coupon for three games now :
Lineage 2 : "okolineage"
DC : "okodc"
Star Wars The Old Republic: " okoswtor"
By using them you will get 5% off , thanks for your time.

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