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iLvL 333 Rogue - Hella Alt's under 100. HELLA.
WoW #1 US

120 Rogue, 333 iLvL, all mythics besides legs, waist, one ring, one weapon, and boots. (missing 5 mythic pieces) --Burst is already on Toolbar-
110 Hunter, 
100 Rogue
90 Warrior
90 Mage
90 Monk
87 Shaman
86 Warrior
85 Priest
85 Paladin
85 Paladin
81 Rogue
81 Priest
81 Death Knight

WoW #2 EU

90 Hunter
90 Mage
90 Warlock
90 DK
90 DK
85 rogue
85 Shaman
85 Warrior
(couple more alts)

WoW #3 US

A bunch of 85's

This account is a 2004 veteran, it has the Sandstone Drake, Alchemy, Skinning, Tailoring, Jewel crafting, Enchanting are all around 450+ spread through WoW #1's toons, a couple of good transmog money makers

Avenger of Hyjal
Champion of the Frozen Wastes
Defender of a Shattered World
Destroyer's End
Master of Ways
Of the Nightfall
The Argent Champion
The Patient
The Hallowed
The Dreamer
+ more

36 pets
67 mounts, ones like Sandstone Drake, The Headless Horseman's mount, Black War Bear, Black War Mammoth, Blue Drake, Bronze Drake, Headless Horseman, Spectral Wind Rider, Touring Rocket, Warlord's Deathwheel

BFA Dungeon Hero
Ahead of the Curve, Sha of Fear
Ahead of the Curve, Grand Empress Shek'Zeer
WoW 4th Anniversery!
For the Horde
For the Alliance
WoW 10th anniversery (molten core pet)
Northernend Dungeon Hero
Northernend Dungeon Master
Outland Dungeon Master
Classic DungeonMaster
Looking for Multitudes (pug pet)
Cataclysm Hero, Pandaria dungeon hero, Outland Raider

Lots and lots of achievements, 9,000 score total, 

If interested, message me here or on Discord at #Yayo3539 !

Asking for $200 OR BEST OFFER. Offer me [Image: biggrin.png]

Have a good day

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