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i try and succeded in putting a vanilla server
but i cant nowhere find an option to make accounts for friends ans stuff , i got onlu the admin admin , so  i m alone and that was not the plan
is there a tool for creating acounts or dit i missed something , pls help Heart
Is this Mangos Vanilla server?
There might be a table "accounts" in sql database where you can manually enter values.

You can also type 

mangosd.exe (or world.exe) then Account Create (Account name) ( Account Password.)

and if you want to set the acc name to GM then 

Account set gmlevel (account name) 3 1

If you're not running mangos the steps would be the same since all iterations of wow classic server were based on that, just replace mangosd.exe with whatever exe you used while setting it up, database should be the same just search for sql database and look for account row.

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