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[eu][alliance] mythics boosts | 15 WEEKLY 50$ | keystone upgrades | karazhan
Hello all

Boost completed by guys with 20+ keys in time and only for EU alliance.

We don't use bots, only hand work.

Normal mythic dungeons 10\10 35$
You will get all tradeable loot for your character + blood of sargeras + stacking chance to get a Legendary item

Karazhan 9\9 30$
Nightbane only 30$
Full run 9\9 + nightbane 55$

Mythic+ dungeons
We will give you any gear we are allowed to trade. (we have alot of LEATHER types at this moment)

We're using our keys for it:
Mythic+15 in time 80$ (selfplay) 
Mythic+15 in time 70$(account sharing) - we'll use vpn 

Keystone runs
+10 (2-3 chests run) 25$ YOUR KEY
+11 (2-3 chests run) 30$ YOUR KEY 
+12 (2 chest run) 35$ YOUR KEY
+13 (1 chets run) 40$ YOUR KEY 
+14 (1 chest run) 45$ YOUR KEY 
+15 (depleted) 50$ OUR KEY (Guaranteed ilvl 900 item in weekly chest)

*Key bundle 2-15 100$ - 14 chests + 900item in weekly chest

* - you need to have level 2 keystone:

15% for +11 keys on Wednesday 
FOR MYTHIC+: if You have decent ilvl equip and good self mechanics you will receive a discount
Loyal customers will receive discounts! (Ask for it in skype)

We accept payments on paypal

Conctac us on skype antiproxriky 

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