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Zygor Gold Guide - Grab your realm data for free
Perfect, just what I needed Smile
thanks man a lot !
I'll get a try with this . great work , as always
ty to share that with us
Finally, thanks a lot
Trying this out thanks
(12-24-2016, 08:17 AM)Vad3 Wrote:
Since I can't find any website to get realm data files used for the Zygor Gold Guide anymore, I decided to create my own.

On this website you can get all the LUA files required to run the Gold Guide. They are always up to date, and are automatically updated as soon as Zygor updates the official ones.

Just keep in mind this website does not allow you to grab a free copy of Zygor, and you will need to install it before you can take advantage of it.

I know it is not allowed anymore to post free copies of Zygor on this forum, so I asked Phoen1x if that was okay to post this and there's his answer, so here I am:

Phoen1x Wrote:Sure post it in Downloads section with complete instructions to use it you can then post a link to your site.

What is this?

To run Zygor Gold Guide, you need to have an up to date data file for your realm, containing data of the auction house. These files can only be obtained through the Zygor client, and that's why you will never find a free version of the Zygor Guides allowing you to use the Gold Guide module. This website allow you to download manually these files to be able to use the Zygor Gold Guide, even with a non-paid version of it.

Simply follow the instructions on the website.


(also available on GoldFinder)

What to download?

You need to download the dependencies, and the data files of realms you're playing on.

You only have to download the files.xml once.

When to update files?

Except for files.xml that you don't need to update, we advice you to download and replace all the other files at least once a day.

Where to place this?

You need to place all the files at "ZygorGuidesViewer\Data\Gold" in your AddOns folder.

And what now?

You need to edit files.xml and add in the middle one line per data file you use, for example:
<Script file="us_aegwynn.lua"/>

Our method has been fixed, and we can't continue to provide you those files easily. More informations on the website you used to visit.
Thanks mate looking for this
thanks a lot for this Smile
Ty for this its helps
Thank you very much
Thank you for posting this
Thanks guys for sharing!!!
omg i love this guide and i will try this one right now!
thanks a lot mate verry helpfull

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