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You're selling a safe account? We want it!Buying Average-to-Elite Geared WoW Accounts

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www.Eu-Accounts.com is buy TOP Elite and Good-to-Average-Geared WoW EU Accounts. 


From 2008 until now we were the first between all other resellers in the WoW Market offering Lifetime Warranty for the sold accounts. It means that as against to the others, we care the most for our customers’ accounts safety, and in order to provide this, we follow the full account and owner`s verification before buying and listing an account for sale. For this, if you want to sell your account to us, be sure to get an acceptable deal, fast and safe payment with a method that you choose; but if you are not the Original Owner or you are not cooperative for legitimate please don`t bother.

How to sell?

Just e-mail us the account`s details.

Include in the e-mail:

-main character armory link / alts` links

-important titles, mounts and achievements

OFFICIAL E-MAIL: [email protected]

FURTHERMORE you can add one of us on Skype to get a quick price:

cristian.puf21 / mishap87 

What you need to sell your account:

1. You have to be the Original Owner of your account. The account must be on your name, exactly as it is in your passport / ID card.

2. You must have name of the account on the same name as in ID card and to be able to show it when we ask for.

3. You have to know your account Secret Question and Answer, cd-keys (optional), account history (if it has any warning, tickets and hacks in the past)

If you have these three steps, dont hesitate to send us your offer. We will reply with our fair price in less than two hours

SKYPE : cristian.puf21 - SKYPE : mishap87

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