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Wow Gold Farming By Flipping Things Pre-Expansion
Wow Gold Farming by Flipping is extremely volatile but has good returns if you know the prices on your server. I'm not an expert by a long shot, but here is my take on things. Flipping most of the mats are going to start returning less and less as people are dumping stuff in prep for legion. I however, am still buying certain things since they are so cheap.

1) Herbs -- buy all WoD herbs I can get for 1g or less. Turn them into War inks to make either a War Deck (DH sale) or the Fortune Cards. Avg on the fortune cards is over 4g. I also buy herbs to make inks and trade for other inks currently as I'm still stockpiling

2) Sumptuous Fur - I'm still buying this out, but will be cutting back. Have 1000s of Fur right now, that will take months to use it. Bags will stay a steady sell but not a huge gold maker.

3) Enchanting Stuff -- I always buy this stuff cheap. Can use it to make old enchants, or flip the materials.

4) Ore - the WoD ore I've stopped buying as I have 4 mines if really need the stuff. Older ore like ghost iron and trillium I will always buy to xmute into living steel. Even some of the older ore I will buy up at times and turn into bars for a good profit.
Elixirs have doubled in price on my AH. So if you still have some, sell them before the 30th. People will stop playing alts once the 30th is here.

Don't just stick to flipping straight materials. Look at how some of the things interact, or can be combined or destroyed to make other things. I'd have to look at my TSM accounting but I would say I've made a few 1000s of gold off engineering parts. Stuff I could buy from a vendor or make for 2-3g that sold for 100-200g every time so far. Another example from old -- could take 2 eternal earth, make a ring, and then sell the ring for a profit or DE for dust. Depending on what was worth more at the time.

Good luck - and always know prices are very server dependent. What works on my server may not work on yours or vice versa. I'm on a mid pop server that has had some crazy prices in the past.

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