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Wow 8.1 Tides of Vengeance Release Date & Pre-Download Available Today
You guys might have received the 16.40 GB download today running in the background, that the download size for 8.1 content.

[Image: ac015066b7aae0ad2ef72067821ad472.png]

The 8.1 Tides of Vengeance Release date is on 11 December 2018

What this means is the current PTR patch and all its patch notes are the FINAL BUILD and there won't be any major changes going forward in the 8.1 build.
As with all patch downloads go, people are experiencing issues with the BNet launcher taking up almost 90% CPU

Here are all the patches released on PTR with preview and details on ICY-Veins:

Patch 8.1 Build #28440 Patch 8.1 Build #28366 Patch 8.1 Build #28294 Patch 8.1 Build #28202 Patch 8.1 Build #28151 Patch 8.1 Build #28048 Patch 8.1 Build #27985 Patch 8.1 Build #27826 Patch 8.1 Content
  • Blizzard recently announced improvements to Azerite Armor acquisition from Mythic+. You can find more details here.
  • Heritage Armor will be added for non-Allied Races; Blood Elves & Dwarves are first on the list.
    • There's no reputation grind behind this. If you're at max level and Exalted with Ironforge/Blood Elves, you can start the quest and complete a scenario to get your Heritage Armor.
  • Reputation Paragon for BfA factions is coming.
  • Champions of Azeroth reputation will be made account-wide.
  • Incursions are a new feature similar to Legion assaults.
  • Darkshore Warfront (Night Elves vs Forsaken theme)
    • The outdoor zone will be updated just like Arathi Highlands with new quests, rares, etc.
  • War Campaign continues with the Alliance leading a direct strike at the Zandalari Fleet.
  • We can expect two new raids in 8.1:
    • Siege of Zuldazar is a nine-boss raid where the foe is the opposing faction.
      • Alliance players will join Jaina and her forces to fight their way up to the pyramid to confront Rastakhan.
      • Horde players will try to defend the pyramid, fighting Jaina in the High Seas as the final boss.
    • Crucible of Storms is a two-boss raid located under Shrine of the Storm that hints at Queen Azshara. It's Battle for Azeroth's "Trial of Valor" raid.
  • Allied Races: Kul Tirans and Zandalari Trolls will become available for gameplay after the Siege of Zuldazar raid. You can find more details about how to unlock them here.
  • Two New Islands: Jorundall (Vrykul-themed Island) & Havenswood (Gilnean-themed Island)
  • Gnomeregan Pet Battle Dungeon
  • Profession Changes
  • New Scenarios
    • Tyrande's Ascension - players will unlok new Night Elf Warrior customization options with dark eyes.
    • Cooking Scenario with Nomi
    • Unknown Tol Dagor Scenario
    • Heritage Armor Scenarios
  • Vol'jin's Story Continues - The Shadow Hunter is looking for answers in 8.1 as he tries to figure out why he appointed Sylvanas for Warchief.
Allied Races
You will be able to unlock Legion Allied Races faster in Patch 8.1.
Class Changes
Multiple Classes are subject to changes in Patch 8.1. These include Elemental Shamans, Shadow Priests, and Protection Warriors. So far, Blizzard outlined plans for Elemental Shamans. They haven't decided what to do with Protection Warriors just yet. Model Updates
Draenei totems received new models with a higher polygon count in 8.1. Interviews/Livestreams
Game Director Ion Hazzikostas unveiled Patch 8.1 on September 18.

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