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WoW Patch 7.2 Order Hall Champion
Order Hall Mage Champion:
Kalecgos. Arcane + CS, it is very strong counter double bonus.
Vargoth. Arcane + Blizzard, +15% with T2 troop, a bonus is used very often.
Ravandwyr. We need a fire after two Arcanes. He also gives us blinks we need. His 15% against minions will be used often. Now it is a frost mage. The Great Akazamzarak is a nice frosty, his hat is like meatball ability and will give tons of bonus.
Now we have enough counterspells and arcane skills. So we can either add another frost or fire champion. Both frost are decent. Modera has blink and a bonus % with T1 troops which will barely be used. Merry has blizzard and a useless bonus.
This is Moroes slot, but as a rare champion you probably do not have. So let's get a 2nd fire mage here. We have enough counterspell so Esara is a no. Milhouse works here if you don't mind x2 mission time, also he gives blizzard so you can go with Modera in the 5th slot. Aethas gives a lot of % but doesn’t counter anything other than fire. Meatball is the last and the best ton of % and it works well in every team, as long as you can counter no bonus threat which will prevent 200%.
Follower Equipment:
In general, if you want to have +20% with Tier 2 troops, you should have +15% to all (Auspicious Fetish), and then either +10% to all (Lucky Doodad) or +15% with Tier 2 on everybody. It's only 5% for less using a Doodad and you don't send a T2 troop during the odd times (using AoW or Grimtotems and such).
Best Champion lineups
There are many viable setups, largely depend on who you want to use as a combat ally, and which Champions you may have already leveled/geared up to this point.

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