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WoW Patch 7.2 Gearing Up
World of Warcraft Path 7.2 launches many new contents and players can continue to
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. Also you can get some fresh awesome alt gears for riding. 


Empowered Traits

Players with 35 traits or more traits receive a quest in Patch 7.2 to empower their artifact weapons.

There is a new Empowered set of trait plus an Infinite trait.

All of your original 3/3 traits can be expanded to 4/4.

AP (Artifact Power) spent on original Infinite trait is refunded (about 56.5M AP).

Cost of traits from 37 is much higher.

New infinite trait - Concordance of the Legionfall

10s proc of your primary stat for DPS/Healers, vers for Tanks

Artifact Knowledge now scales up to 50 ranks.

Compendiums will go up as high as 45.

You can choose to spend on power maxing out old 4/4 traits or on the new Empowered artifact traits.

The cost of traits from #37 onwards is much steeper in 7.2.
The new final trait is the 50 points trait Concordance of the Legionfall. This provides a 10 sec proc to your primary stat for DPS and healers, and Versatility for Tanks. This 50 points trait provides less character power than the old 20 points trait 23, and purchasing the ranks is much more expensive.
thanks for clarifying
I wonna check this out.
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