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WoW Fastest Way To Level 1-120 BfA [Alliance + Horde]
thank you for the detailed guide
Phoen1x Wrote:This is the fastest way to go from character creation to max level solo playing, period. The path has been tested by power levelling community and streamed live. The current fastest 1-60 level, 1-120 level both records are held by this route, the guide covers both Horde and Alliance perspective.

Step 1:


Handynotes: MoP and WoD treasures
Azeroth Autopilot: For BFA

Get your enchants and heirlooms together:

Weapon: Elemental Force (This is hands down the best weapon enchant, can 2 shot some mobs)
Shoulders: Greater Tiger Fang/Claw/Wing (Str/Agil/Int), have to have an alt between 85-100 to apply
Cloak: Gift of Vers/Haste/Crit/Etc, WoD enchant, whichever one you prefer also gives 2% haste
Chest: Glorious Stats (+8 to all stats)
Legs: Angerhide/Shadowletaher/Greater Pearlescent (Str/Agil/int), have to have an alt between 85-100
Ring: Seal of (secondary stat) (zandalari enchant)

Gold: Approximately 10k, 8k for flying/epic flying, if normal flying is ok then only 5k

For Warriors:

Elemental Force X2
Greater Tiger Fang
Gift of Haste
Glorious Stats
Seal of Haste
Might set – has mostly haste
Trinket – Swift Hand of Justice x2 (good sustain, Void if doing dungeons)
Prot: Punish > Crackling Thunder > Unstoppable Force > Never Surrender > Rumbling Earth > Devastator
Fury: Fresh Meat > Double Time > Sudden Death > Bounding Strikes > Carnage > Dragon Roar > Reckless

PvP Talents:
Fury: Gladiators Medallion > Barbarian > Battle Trance > Slaughterhouse

Step 2:

Choose your character/class/name
I find having a central theme around my characters to help with naming

For Level 1-20, just follow the starter quests, these are easy and quick, there are no shortcuts here. Follow the guide below starting from Level 20 same level when allied races start.


Step 3: (If doing dungeons)

Head to the top of orgrimmar via the elevator to the right (one closest from the emissary)
Purchase a tabard for orgrimmar

Step 4:

So, this part is complicated, currently you’re at a definite net loss on your first level if you get wailing cavern, you should be able to get to level 30 at approximately the same amount of time as questing from 20 to 30 so if you’re a character capable of tanking, do so via 20-30. If you get wailing caverns, leave and quest. It is an absolute waste of time to do wailing caverns.

For Fury/DPS specs head to azshara and level from 20-30, there are a few quests where you have to pick up and carry things (like a goblin/raptor) and if you mount up you lose that buff and have to start over. Most of the quests are pretty straight forward and you should be looking at a 10-15 minute level

After level 30, I would recommend heading to STV for at least 30-42ish, quests are plentiful, fairly circular and easy to pair up, the only really annoying quest is the raptor one where you have to hide/steal food/etc.

At level 40-42 purchase epic riding

At level 42, head to WPL, just do the quests that come up, including the far away one at the top, it might not seem worth it but there is a huge chunk of XP, one you finish WPL head to EPL, if you don’t hit 60 after completing this zone Silverpine forest is nearby and will finish you off.
Alternatively for 20-60 a path I’m looking at is Barens to 32-35 > Dustwallow Marsh > WPL > EPL and Azshara > STV > (this path really sucked and I would not recommend it) Swamp of Sorrows (Mage Portal) > Blasted Lands > Dark Portal > Org > Flying > Hellfire/Northrend


Step 1:

Level 20 > Head to Westfall, Westfall is pretty shitty in total, but it lays a strong foundation for the next quests. Things to keep an eye out for:
Times are Tough: Loot Harvester for a quest

Propaganda: Loot thug for quest
For the Deadmines quest, just queue up as a tank/healer (sorry DPS) and use the item then leave
Keep the quest to go to stormwind, but don’t turn it in, it continues to scale with you

Step 2:

You should be level 25 and fly to the main hub area, get the quests and continue on, I highly recommend skipping Spider Lumps, I need to do another run through later to find how to min max some of the quest lines because the last part has you flying back and forth, as a whole Duskwood is REALLY good exp.

Step 3:

Stranglethorn Vale
For alliance, all of the quests are grouped together, start by grabbing the quests from alliance hub, and then grab nessingway quest. Start by killing the crocodiles nearby, turn quest in, then head to jungle quests from alliance hub, kill the panthers and tigers along the way, they will upgrade to nearby mobs you need to kill (elder crocs, tumbler crystals, and elder tigers) after this, the rest is fairly straightforward. Continue into STV until you reach “See Raptor” the quest is a pretty long scenario that can take even longer if you don’t execute it perfectly. At this point fly to Redridge

Step 4:

Pretty simple, do not die on “And last but not least” it’s a really long run, don’t jump off from the cliff ledge as your followers will get stuck and force you to fight the mob by yourself, which even with enchants/heirlooms is too hard for a warrior.
Last Quest for this zone sucks and can be buggy due to scaling issues, its best to mount up and run through and let your followers aggro around you first, otherwise you will die. At this point you can hearth to stormwind, turn in the Westfall quest and get epic riding

To read the rest of the guide, please register

Credits for the guide
Twitch: DesMephisto
Twitter: DesMephisto
Youtube: DesMephisto
Battle Tag: DesMephisto#1384

thanks a lot!
thannnnnnnnk u brudha
(10-21-2018, 05:06 PM)Phoen1x Wrote:
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This is the fastest way to go from character creation to max level solo playing, period. The path has been tested by power levelling community and streamed live. The current fastest 1-60 level, 1-120 level both records are held by this route, the guide covers both Horde and Alliance perspective.

Step 1:
I'm trying to level fast!
Thanks for the guide

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