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WoW 7.2 Mage Tower Tips
Mage Tower is a special area that is meant to be a “solo challenge,” or not meant to be played in a group, and many players have enjoyed it. However, for anyone who is playing a Tank-type of character, he/she is likely not enjoy it at all. Many Battle.net players complain their frustration for not being able to complete challenge for one reason or another.

TL and DR:

-Please maintain bleeds on melee/axe jarl and spell caster.

-Run into purple runes.

-Fit into gap in wall.

-Stun bladestorm/enrage.

-Keep Sigryn blinded as much as possible and try to blind her blood of ancients cast before she finishes it.

-Blow up caster shield and interrupt spell.

For rinse and repeat. You no longer deal with runes or enrage at 50% but you have to increase frequency of the other abilities. Sometimes effect for blindly break is not good and if it's already cast aoe (area of effect), it will kill you for duration when she is out of cc.

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