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What Is the Best Class for Bestiary League in Path of Exile
The Bestiary League of Path of Exile has been launched for nearly one month. This one has brought a lot of new contents, including new PoE Items, skills, and crafting options. Every player is used to the hierarchy of the best classes changing in the new league, but all the changes in 3.2 have shaken up more than usual. Players should learn more about the classes, which include the
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Spectral Shield Throw Gladiator

The PoE players have been eagerly awaiting the release of the spectral shield throw skill. Now you can prove that the best defense is good offense by tossing a ghostly copy of your shield at your enemies’ heads. Spectral shield throw is an interesting and dynamic skill, it can cause physical damage on the initial hit and then shattering into shrapnel that hurls other nearby enemies with additional physical damage. The degree of physical damage dealt by the attack is based on your shield’s defensive stats (Armor and Evasion), and your energy shield rating influences spectral shield throw’s chance. This build is easy to make Power Leveling in PoE and hold its own at endgame.
Patch 3.2 is the turn to get some big buffs of Hierophant, and it plans to dominate the Bestiary League. The Totem Hierophant variants are probably going to be your number one choice of this league. The only reason for the Spectral Shield Throw Gladiator made the top of the list over the Hierophant is because Spectral Shield Throw is brand new, sounds hilarious, and it should be tried out by every player at least.
Two Hierophant builds can use Righteous Fire Totem or Lightning Bladefall Totem, but any totem build will work. Some players prefer Righteous Fire Totem, but it’s up to you finally. To use Righteous Fire, you need a deep lifepool, lots of life regenerations, and a ton of fire resistances to survive, otherwise the fire degeneration damage will destroy your character build.
However, if you support the spell with a Spell Totem gem, then your totems will cause the damage, which makes much more relaxed play and lower PoE Currency requirements. As a Hierophant, you can summon four totems in the meantime, and every enemy around you will be disintegrated into a pile of ashes in no time flat. This class has high DPS, high survivability, and it is a level treatment. More news, please visit metawow.

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