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WTS Battle.net Name Change Service - Best/Fast/Cheapest!

Appying Big discounts for the First 10 members of this forum! The more rep you have here and the longer time Your member, the larger the discount Will be!

Skype: el.le33
Price: 100 euro
Hey There Guys!
I am Guru, and I sell battle.net name change service! I've been doing this for quite some time now, and am very known for this service, as i have completed it many, and I mean MANY times for regular people, as well as big websites / resellers.

I have a lot of reputation on another huge and incredibly trusted forum called eNPC (not allowed to write the forum name here) where I go under the name TheGuru, and ofcourse tons of vouches from super higher repped folks aswell such as professional Account sellers/Moderators/Trusted people etc... so your welcome to ask them about me! Therefor you can rest assured that you are dealing with a professional and that your account will be 100% safe during the entire process. And ofcourse I am able to prove that I have done this service many many times :-)

Why do you need battle.net name change service?
Well, perhaps you have bought a char, and would like it moved to your MAIN account? to do so, the name of your bought acc needs to match the name on your main account, and that's where I can help you!

perhaps you have bought a account, and would like for it to be in your own name?

My succes chance is about 95% or even higher, calculating this from the amount of changes ive done(over 200 as of todays date) vs amount of failed attempts roughly 10 or under, most times due to customer logging in during process. EVEN SO , I ALWAYS work with a refund policy! :-)
it takes roughly 30 minutes for me to: login to your account > change the name > logout again.
Ofcourse the use of a TRUSTED MIDDLEMAN is always welcome

Skype: el.le33

Thanks a lot for reading, and i hope to see you soon! :-)
Some time ago, a scammer called Mcgwow made a fake thread against me on a forum claiming I scammed him (he did this because i was exposing him as the real scammer, witch most people already know he is... making youtube videos and scamming people on a cheap acc sale), and he also made some fake youtube videos, the thread was DELETED once it was proven that his accusations were 110% FAKE, however, the youtube videos were not taken down, therefor It could be that some people google my skype name and get spooked, however, you can google for "TheGuru False ban eNPC" and you will find a link to a forum thread where Super Moderators even posted proof that the accusations were INDEED FAKE, due to his mistakes when editing the fake conversations and transactions :-)!
Please note if i ever scammed someone, i would not be using the same skype obviously, and please note the HIGH amount of reputation i have on eNPC, and the many VOUCHES and recommendations you will get about my service from HUGE and FAMOUS Resellers. So please, do not have any doubt about my legitimacy, should you need even FURTHER Proof, then please add me on skype
Just wanted to write this for everyone to see, we all google a lot now adays, and i am new on this forum with 0 reputation or vouches when creating this thread, unlike on eNPC where i am trusted.
Always available on Skype for Your World of Warcraft needs!
Skype el.le33

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