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VanillaGuide into Guidelime
Hi everyone !

I did realize earlier that I had a copy of VanillaGuide, which I believe is based on Joana's guide, included in a add-on pack I downloaded back on Pserv.
Tho the guide works throught an Addon called "Ace2". I did not find any update for this addon to work on 1.13. 
So my question is :
Are anyone one of you crazy enought to convert Ace2 languaged VanillaGuide into Guidelime code ? I'm really not into this things...
I'll of course provide the docs as soon as somebody answered.

May the day be good to you,

I'm going to look at this (I think I have the addon too) and probably not do anything with it, but if I do something ill be back

Edit: Seems easy enough, ill test it to see if I can get it to work and ill upload it by next week maybe

Were you looking for the Alliance or Horde Version of the guide.

I'm working on the Alliance Version currently, which uses the Brian Kopps Guide

I can work on the horde one too if you want

I Imported the Alliance version that can be found herehttps://metawow.com/Thread-Guidelime-Imp...ling-Guide

If a few more people want it I'll import the Joanas Part from VanillaGuides as well.
Sorry for being late ! 
This is a fantastic job you've done here, thank a lot.
I would sure use the horde part of it as I'm mainly roling... well, hordies. And at least half of Wow players looking for this could use horde part as well. Do you need the files or do you have them ?
Thanks again, I did not expect somebody to take care of that.

May the fun be with you,


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