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[Transmog Farm] A Complete Beginner's Guide BfA Ready
(09-11-2018, 09:26 AM)Witzbold Wrote:
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Thanks for the guide

Informative post!
Thanks for the guide!!
Thanks for the guide.
Thanks for the guide
Let me see this guide. I need it Big Grin
sweet guide my dude, thanks a bunch
Thanks for sharing
Thanks for this guide! Smile
Thank you so much!
Thanks mate. Enjoyed the post!
Thanks! Been looking for something like this.
(08-29-2018, 11:39 AM)thankx Wrote:
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This FAQ is written towards the perspective of a very novice goblin wanting to learn the ropes. If you know some of this already, awesome, but some players haven't been exposed to gold making, so I started from the beginning.

Most of my farming routes are in Vanilla, but the basics can be applied to any expansion. I rarely flip items, so this FAQ is about going out into the world and farming. I've mostly specialized in items that people feel nostalgia for and/or are looking to add to their wardrobe collections. I've been selling mog since it debuted. At one time I was a top seller on my realm, but over the ensuing years, it's become more of a hobby to pass the time rather than an all-consuming obsession.

Regardless of my own posting history, this is what I do...your mileage may vary.

This is by no definition a complete mog FAQ. If you see something I've missed, feel free to speak up!


The very, very first thing I would do if you are serious about farming mog is to create/buy a guild bank. Preferably with all 7 purchasable tabs (yep, that 7th tab is purchasable by the GM of the guild for 10k gold from the guild vendor). You're going to need the space to sort inventory and store duplicates. Obviously, if you only have 100 items, you're going to have plenty of leftover space, but we are playing the long game here, so might as well prepare for the future as best we can from the beginning.

Secondly, I would designate one toon to be your “mog banker”. This character will stand near an AH and a mailbox and handle all incoming inventory sent to them by the characters that you are using to farm. I tend to make my banker the GM of the guild space mentioned above, but it's not necessary.

Thirdly, I would designate another toon to be your “other banker”. This character AH's all the crafting materials enchants, vanity pets, food, and miscellaneous items you're going to passively acquire while farming moggable items. I keep these two things separate for accounting purposes....they have separate TSM profiles and ways of handling posting and sorting of inventory.

Fill the bank character's bag slots with the biggest bags you can afford. I start with 16 slot bags, at least, and work my way up to bigger ones. They run less than 20g on my realm and give you a fair amount of space to transport incoming inventory either to the AH or the bank for storage.

You may have caught it above, but the toons that I farm with are NOT the toons I use to sell mog. The reason for this is twofold. One, my banker needs to be near an AH and not off gallivanting off to faraway places filling my prime bag space with greys and quest items.

Secondly, and more importantly, there is a layer of anonymity that you might like having in the future. If you end up dedicating yourself to making good gold off the AH, whether through mog or other means, you WILL have people send you hate mail/tells/harass you in trade, etc. It's nice to just log off your banker and walk away...or, in my case, stir up a bit of trouble in /trade without dragging my main's guild name through the mud.

So, now you have a guild bank and a pair of toons willing to sell your crap, um...errr “valuable items”. Where are the best places to put them? All you need is an auction house and a mailbox near each other. Bank nearby is extra nice. I have the personal preference of Thunderbluff and the Dwarven District in Stormwind. TB is almost always dead, so not very crowded, same with Dwarven District. Mailbox, AH, and Bank are all within spitting distance of each other and you can stay mounted in TB between them all. And as an added bonus, auctioneer killers don't typically harass me in either of those places.

Other places include: Gadgetzan, Booty Bay, and Dalaran or Shrine in Pandaria if you're an engineer.

I avoid: Exodar, the bank and the AH are sooo far apart and you can't stay mounted to access both, Trade District in SW- too crowded with people standing on the mailbox showing off their mounts/weird glitchy visual effects (such as 300 Cooper's standing in the AH the other day).


This is all personal preference. What you're looking for is an instant AOE that can nuke anything standing near you, repeatedly, only slowing down to loot. Whirlwind on warriors, Swipe on Druids, Arcane Blast on mages, Fan of Knives on rogues, Demonhunters you get the picture. You can enter an instance 10 times in an hour, so you're aiming to go as fast as you can to be the most efficient. Kill EVERYTHING that moves. Loot EVERYTHING that drops. You're going to sort it all out later. Those greys you leave behind on mobs? They're worth gold. The cloth? Worth gold. The BoP's? Worth gold. Money left behind is money you're not going to have to build your empire. Plus, some of the tiny, seemingly useless mobs in a dungeon can have great loot drops (I'm looking at you, maggots in AQ20).

Because all of these toons are going to mail the BoE items and materials to the respective bankers, it really doesn't matter if you farm solely with one character or swap it around as needed. The loot is all going to end up in the same place. Funnelled directly to your banker.

I find it super useful to empty my bags down to nothing except my hearthstone. I can easily clear most Vanilla dungeons with bag space to spare, leaving nothing behind.

Nifty bonuses to have: Jeeves, Mammoth or other vendor mount, WotLK squire, skinner for dungeons with possibility of picking up some skins to sell as well (Sunken Temple), miner for ores in mineshaft dungeons (Uldaman and the Krauls come to mind), herbalist (Zangarmarsh dungeons, Wailing Caverns, Maraudon), a rogue or blacksmith with keys to pick locked chests in SFK and Gnomer.

As you farm, you're going to cultivate your own style and learn what you need to have on hand for a successful time.

The best part? YOU NEED NO GOLD TO GO OUT AND FARM YOUR OWN INVENTORY. In fact, you're going to slowly gain gold just by farming and selling the BoP's and greys. It's a win-win for getting started and maybe dipping your toes into flipping once you have enough gold.



Just because an item is simple or ugly, do not assume it is worthless. Wardrobe completionists need the ugly items just as much as they need the shiny ones. Look each item up on The Undermine Journal and decide for yourself if it's worth keeping as an active auction.


Say you get into this farming thing but decide that auctioning the items is not for you, you can have the option of selling your inventory to a bigger mog seller. I have often bought mog items from farmers to increase my own inventory...and have bought out my competition plenty of times. Suppliers are just as valuable but expect to make less gold per item because the mog seller also needs to make a profit. But if you're good with the prices they are offering, then by all means, go for it!

-Credits for this guide goes to Reddit user Dahija, I have added some of my own tips as well
thanks for this guide man
That will be helful

Thanks for the guide

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