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[Transmog Farm] 8.2 BfA Best Dungeons To Farm For Transmog [Rated From Best to Worst]
In this thread, I'll give you a list of farms and my recommendation on what's best and what's not worth your time.
This list is updated for 8.1.5 Tides of Vengeance release and takes into consideration the legacy loot changes.
Before you take a look I highly Recommend Three add-ons for this:

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These three addons will make your life a lot easier when running the dungeons.

4. Must Read before you decide to make gold selling Transmog: 
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When it comes to xmog sales I get a lot of questions on what to sell and what to DE, remember this golden rule:

The TSM 3 Addon shows you a sell rate on item hover tooltip, which is very useful to determine which items will sell 
 0.01 is bad, usually, disenchant these unless it's priced very high then maybe try selling it. Go with your own judgement, does it look good?
 0.02-0.03 is ok, you will sell these in a few weeks or months
 0.04+is very good these are the sought after xmogs that people buy.

Dungeon/InstanceMy RatingComments
Ahn'QirajAmazing - Luck Dependentcontains alot of big items but more small items.. its hit or miss, you might go in and get 4k or you might go in and get 80k+
ZulFarrakAmazing - Consistentalot of medium priced items and tends to drop alot of them frequently
Razorfen DownsAmazing- Rogue Good- Rest of classesI can only recommend to farm this on a rogue due to the amount of big items that can drop in chests.. However mob drops are still great if you're lucky
Ragefire ChasmGreat - Alliance Dominated Server Bad- Restonly about 5 items in here worth anything but they drop frequently... prices will be better on these items if you are on alliance dominant realm due to accessability to instance
UldamanGreat - Luck Dependenthas the most expensive transmogs ingame however they are amongst the rarest items ingame also.. hit or miss if you dont get any blue items or patterns
Blackfathom DeepsGreat - Consistentdrops a heap of medium greens and the blues are only the cherry on top.. expect 50k atleast every lockout
DiremaulGreateach wing has its own strengths and great drop tables)
Wailing CavernsMediumshares alot of the big items from RFC but are alot more rare.. however there are alot of medium greens in here and a pet
Razorfen KraulMediumAlso recommend using a rogue for chests but not necessary. Alot of medium 2 - 7k greens but is really a hit or miss unless you get a blue
Blackrock DepthsMedium - Luck DependentBig items are hard to come by.. a few decent greens but not many, its great if you are in need of large brilliant shards
Blackwing LairGreat- MagesBad- Restonly farmable on a mage due to resetting trash however id say great if it wasnt locked behind a class req.. Alot of medium greens.. Big epics and Orb of Deception.. also a pattern or two
Lower Blackrock SpireBadbiggest item you'll recieve here is an orb of deception but there are a few decent greens.. also a pain to run
Shadowfang KeepBadgood if you chance by a big blue but only green worth anything is Buccaneers vest
Sunken TemplePoora few greens worth anything but you really need a blue to make it worth unless your skinning for Green Scholomance
DeadminesPoora few greens are ok but pet is only thing worth anything Dragonscales
Strath SEPoorgreens are terrible.. only farm if you need mount
GnomerganInsane - If Lucky Very Poor if notbiggest hit or miss ingame.. greens are worth next to nothing however a few blues are ok unless you get one of the big twink items then you hit the jackpot 500k+
Strath MEPoor - Consistentgreens can be ok but not frequent.. only do if bored

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Also, check out LootWhatIWant. Its an amazing lightweight addon, and with very minimal setup it helps clear trash immediately upon looting it.
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