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Toy Farm Wow Gold Farming 7.0.3 Pocket Fel Spreader (20-50k/hour)
Already made quite some money of that toy, so I figured I share the best way to farm those.

As far as I know this Pre Event will be the only option to obtain this toy, so you might want to consider to keep some to sell them in 6+ months. I personally wait till they drop to ~10k before I keep them.


1) Download the addon
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2) Open it and go to Settings

2.1) Turn off Whisper/Sound/Guild/Visual notifications
2.2) Set Refresh rate to something below 6 (mine is set to 2)
2.3) Sign up as DPS, Heal or Tank

3) Go to Lists and add the following key words:

3.1) spielzeug
3.2) schreck
3.3) dread
3.4) taschen
3.5) drae
3.6) drea
3.7) toy
3.8 ) You could also add the french/russian/spanish words for this toy, also if you speak any other languages and see those popup on lfg let me know via comments below I'll add it so other metawow members can benefit.

4) Macros:

4.1) /focus raid1
/tar dread
Sets the raid leader as your focus and you can check his location via mouse over. Also targets the Dread Lord. If you lose your focus target, its either a fake group or the mob is already dead.
4.2) /script LeaveParty()
You leave the party.

5) Now you can enable the Addon and once a group with one of the added keywords is created, you will get an invite. 
About 1/3 of the time you'll not get an invite since they are lots of people farming those mobs, especially at normal times. On average a 40man raid group will be filled within 3 seconds.
But Luckily the addon will do most of the work, so you only have to accept if you are invited. Once you are invited, you dont have to click it asap but you still should asap within 10seconds, so you dont reach a dead mob.

Some extra notes:
  • Since the mob is kinda rare, its better to farm in the night/morning (between 0:00AM-8:00AM Server time).
  • The droprate for the toy is about 25%.
  • The value of the item is highly server depending. On my alt server those are worth 15k; on my main server those are worth 8k.
  • If you farm in the middle of the day, you can expect 1 kill every 8-10minutes.
  • If you farm in the night, you can expect 1 kill every 2-3minutes.
  • Yesterday I farmed from 2AM till 7AM with 2 accounts and looted 33 toys. On my Server I can sell those for 15k aka 99k/hour.
  • Sometimes you see fake groups or troll groups (like Grand Dread Auto V). Obviously those are fake as well.
  • I personally use Task Bar notification in Windowed Mode so I play other games/watch videos. Basicly doing other stuff while still making a shitton of gold
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Thanks for this
thank you so much for this info
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Oh wow, this is very nice.
Great guide man, thank you!
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Great guide! Thank you!  Smile
(08-16-2016, 04:25 AM)Taiba Wrote:
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Great guide! Thank you!  Smile
Tnaks for that man.
Thanks for the share Smile
Thanks for providing this guide!
Good stuff! Thanks a lot.
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