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Top Gold Making Professions In Legion Detailed Breakdown
Taken from a Reddit thread and I think this analysis is spot on:

Quote:I played a little bit of Beta, read a lot on WoWhead and would like to share my thoughts on how to make much gold in Legion based on my experiences on Draenor EU, a quite high pop server where tokens cost like 77k gold atm. Of course I am always open for new ideas and find its always nice to diversify my strategies. Anywaaay:


Enchanting! Everyone needs enchants, especially when in the third/fourth week shortly before raid opens those guys will sell like hot cake. The good news is that these are gonna be super expensive (read: profitable) because they require about 4-10 Chaos Crystals (from dissing Legion epics) each. Especially at the start this will create a huge market barrier: Every noob can farm herbs or go mining for example, but not many enchanters will be able to farm mythic dungeons to get these shards, so competiton will be way smaller.

Edit: It was pointed out that you can disenchant cheaply crafted epics to get these shards. I agree that it is an efficient way to get these, but I think Enchanters still have more useful market barriers than BS or LW.

In fact Legion has so much to do at the beginning that distracts other players (worldquests, class quest, suramar, order hall quests), that you will have zero competition, if you focus on gearing up and farming dungeons. Added to the that, Enchanting also comes with 1 toy and 3 pets that all cost like 20-50 Chaos Crystals! Personally I am not very familiar with the pet and mount market so correct me if I'm wrong, but I think especially at the start of the expansion only a fraction of enchanters will get their hands on Chaos Crystals and even the hardcore raiders who farm Mythics all day will use their first hundreds of Chaos Crystals for enchanting the whole guild. This means that absolutely NOBODY will have these pets in AH.

Nobody can undercut you, so the sky is really the limit. I have seen pets and toys get traded for crazy amounts of golds. And with all those all those rich kid twitch donators and Garrison gold in the economy I believe that you can turn from zero to WoW-Millionair in the span of the first 3 weeks easily.

This strategy is not very flexible as you basically have to focus and don't have time to diversify into much else (like farming herbs, LOL). Since I play a Heal Pala and plan to have a Tank DH this strategy is tailored towards my playstyle and I can potentially earn much money while do what I love (spam dungeons) and also collect gear.

This might not be for everyone, if you are DPS and have long queues I actually think that it is a terrible profession since you just do not have access to easy Chaos Crystals which are needed in high volume for about everything!

But nevertheless, if you somehow can get your hands on Chaos Crystals, the rewards are still good even after the Release-Choo-Choo, as people will use enchants throughout the expansion and now with even wilder ilvl titanforged RNG, people will also probably shift their gear around more often.
As a nice Bonus, Enchanters can also make 2 types of Relics which are quite cheap (Blood of Sargeras and Arcana, dont worry u get more than enough BoS!). They wont sell for much since the mats are easy to get, but you can make them into Obliterum Ash to make the tokens that upgrade your crafted gear by +5ilvl up to 850!. So basically they act as your very efficient Obliterum source.


Inscription. At start of the expansion Darkmoon cards will sell very well, because for some reason people just feel akward without good trinkets and everyone needs two of them! The good thing for Inscriptors is that Darkmoon card trinkets are really easy to understand, basically they give you a flat bonus on 1 primary stat and 1 secondary stat. The Mythic dungeon trinkets on the other hand (if they even drop for you in personal loot), have really swag effects that require a lot of play testing to really figure out how much dps they do. Inscription trinkets are ilvl 850 fully upgraded - 10ilvl higher than default mythic dungeon drops and people will probably just read on Noxxic "oh crit is my best stat" and buy the corresponding trinket. Also keep in mind that there are no Weapons, Trinkets will probably the first itemslots considered for every Alt or Reroll that actually wants to spend gold on boe.

The darkmoon cards are not very expensive to make, but require a mat called "Felwort". Afaik you get them from worldquests that have a daily cd or so. I haven't tested if the cd is account wide, but in case not, you can get a huge advantage over the competition by leveling your alts to max as fast as possible and get them all herb. Then just log in for the daily Felwort quest. This will make you get the set way faster than the competition. I expect the cards to be very expensive due to the gating, so you make immense profit if you are lucky to get a full set yourself.

Other than that Inscription comes with glyphs, which will sell very well at the beginning as well since nobody has any glyphs... at all. Also not everyone will have every recipe, so you might be lucky just to pick something up and rule the market in it. As prep just get Draenor herbs for under 200g/stack, make them to Warbinder Ink and trade them for stocks of old world inks.
For mid and long range, Inscription has the respec token, 2 relics and Vantus runes. None of them are hard to make and its no use competing against bots or people who don't value their time. So if you like alting and focus on herbalism for the first tier of the expansion, this profession might be for you. Later you might want to change it into something else.


Jewelcrafting, Jewelcrafters have really nice necks that cap at ilvl 850. They always have a socket and also have a small bonus depending on your class. Most of them are useless, but some are quite nice(DK walks 20% faster when below 50%, might be cool for Pvp?). If the stat-roll for the class is perfect, you can potentially earn hundreds of thousand of gold just for one, since not many can supply exactly the same statroll and not many can get anything better for 1-2 months. Also not every JC will know which Class-neck will be in demand, so if you read on the effects and theorycraft a little bit (or just like me, YOLO!), you can focus on making one and get the good stat rolling. They cost 10 Infernal Brimstones to make (acquired by Worldquests for miners), which is quite expensive. A bad stat-roll can really fck you in the Anous, also the mats are not hard to get, they just require a lot of farming, thus causes more competition.

Gems are nice long range, but again, its mostly farming mines (or flipping), so I don't expect the profit margin or payoff to be super op or anything. JC also has 2 toys. Btw, u gonna need some important herbmats for few important recipes too, or you will be gimped on the market.


I think Blacksmithing, Leather and Tailor are quite unexciting. They make 815 crafts. But not the upgrades, so who cares? It will make decent money at start, but not cocaine-rank money. People out gear this in 1 week max. Also it requires lots of mining. BS also has a Mount, but I'm really no expert in this field. It's very expensive to make. Leather and Tailor are pretty much the same as BS, only that Tailor lost their bags and got absolutely nothing exciting. Also cloth drop rate seems to be rather low... and u have to farm it (urgh..)

Alchie is nice, they have a weird Tree Potion that gives everyone +10% stats. Sounds like a must-have in every raid and a nice additional source apart from normal potions and flasks. Also herbs don't grow on trees anymore like in Draenor, so I guess it's a decent, but not sexy moneymaker for the whole expansion. The trinket is BOP, so I have no idea what the BoS dump is supposed to be, which makes the profession really clunky... will probably skill it on an alt later.

I personally will level a DH Tank with Herb and Enchanting first. Reason is that DH will be main and I will go dungeons a lot, so its basically passive Crystals (I love dungeons!). Also quest gear can procc to be epic, which can be disenchanted to Chaos Crystal! I expect one of those to go for 2-4k easily in early release. Keep in mind you can effectively do everything profession related on 1 skill, so if you just wanna level and don't worry about professions, just take enchanting to get some nice passive income and take something else later.

My Pala will be Inscription and Herb. The reason why I go double herb, as explained above, is that I get double Felwort income which is the bottleneck (due to cd gate) for the Darkmoon cards (but also for Enchanting toy and relics). Later in the expansion I might switch Ench/Mining/Jewel/Alchi in order to cover all own expenses and earn money mainly through Enchanting.

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