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Top 3 Beginner Friendly WoW Gold Farming Techniques in Legion
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(10-24-2016, 06:35 AM)Phoen1x Wrote:
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Hey guys,
A common question I get on my gold farming guides are how to make gold as a new player.
So, in this guide, I'll be sharing 3 very easy and beginner friendly wow gold farming techniques that will be of immense help when you are just starting out.

First thing is hit max level, although gold can be farmed at lower level, it's not as effective as hitting max level and then focusing on getting gold, that doesn't mean you can't make gold while leveling, pick up 2 gathering professions and just gather any node that comes along your path and sell them later or convert one of the gathering profession into crafting and make use of the mats.

1. Grinding Mobs:

There are a lot of spots that are amazing farming spots. There are a lot of guides on this as well on the forums you can checkout.
One spot I'd like to mention is Murloc cave at coordinates 43, 25 in High mountain, they respawn instantly and you can just AOE and kill them. There will be a lot of groups for the spots for example for this murloc cave, search for murloc on group finder and join one. Don't forget Boon of the Harvester enchant on your shoulder it will increase your g/h a lot. There will be a lot of guides with coordinates so Tracking or showing coordinates in WoW can be done by two ways:

Get an addon which tracks coordinates like 
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then you just enter /way 55.7, 67.8 in Aszuna and it will show you an arrow to follow, pretty easy stuff.

The second method is to get a UI skin that shows coordinates on the world map when you hover.
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2. Old Raids:

Every week do 25man heroic Catacalysm Raids, these raids are faceroll on level 110, you pretty much one shot every mob and get around 1k-1.5k gold each by looting bosses and vendoing gear. Cata Raids reset every Tuesday. So, every week per character you can make around 5k gold running these raids, you can even do Wrath or Mop Raids if you are into Raw gold farming.

List of cata Raids to do:
  • Firelands (Spine of Deathwing can take a while on your first attempt to lean mechanics)
  • Blackwing Decent
  • Bastion of Twilight
  • Dragon Soul

3. Gathering: 

Mining, herbalism and skinning also Fishing as secondary profession. In legion you don't have to level max gathering to gather mats, you can pick up Legion mats while you are level 1 on gathering profession, it doesn't matter.
If I were to recommend two gathering professions, I'd say Herbalism and Mining. There are guides in Profession section about the best routes for gathering. Don't neglect fishing too, it's beginner friendly and pretty lucrative in this expansion. You'll run into lot of water pools while gathering so hopping into a fishing stick and fishing the ponds can be a good way to mix things up.
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Thank you for your guide
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