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The Ultimate Pokemon Go Bot | No Crashes and Insane Xp/Hr
[Image: q9SSHYD.png]

This tool will automatically catch all pokemon in your area, farm the pokestops then transfer duplicates to the professor so you get more candies!

Installation & Configuration

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Download the latest release
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Unzip the downloaded files, run the program (PoGo.NecroBot.CLI.exe), close it.
Edit .\Config\auth.json
Edit AuthType to be "google" for Google, "ptc" for Ptc
Edit your password and username when choosing PTC login
Safe file
edit .\Config\config.json with your desired settings
Put the DefaultLatitude and DefaultLongitude which can be found here to fit your desired location.
Safe file
Run the PoGo.NecroBot.CLI.exe
For "Google login", paste your code into the website that pops up (Ctrl+V)
Click next and next again and Bot will start.

Pictures of it in action!

[Image: 9a9be52cb2464b949bca1d35001006e9.png]
Let's check this out
Let's check this out
Looks pretty cool!

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