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TSM 4 Sniper Setup Tutorial [Using Sheyrah's & BilisOnyxia's Strings]
Thanks for the Guide, got baited before...good lesson Tongue!
Thanks this looks god
Top work, thanks.
thanks for the guide
Thank you for the guide! I've followed all of the directions from others, and they weren't as clear as yours.
Thank you, amazing !
Nice guide! Thanks so much!
thank you for your efforts^^
Thanks for your guide
Thanks for the post!
Thanks for providing these man, well done! Heart
Thanks for guide Wink
(09-25-2018, 09:45 PM)Jabbalolz Wrote:
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ThanksThanks for the guide!

Setting up a TradeSkillMaster 4 Sniper to run properly and not get baited is hard and you need good strings for it. In this guide, I will be using the best custom sources string made by Sheyrah and best sniper string made by BilisOnyxia.
These two strings are unanimously accepted by the gold making goblin community as the best sources for TSM 4.

If you have around 20 minutes to spare you can check out the video guide made by Sheyrah herself on how to set it up:


If you don't have the time and looking to set it up as quickly as possible, read on.

1. minprice variable setup:
We will need a custom source to get the minimum prices of the items, let's set it.

  1. Open the TSM UI by typing “/tsm” in the chat window.
  2. On the top menu, go to Settings.
  3. Select Custom Sources from the left vertical menu.
  4. Under Variable Name, enter the value “minprice“, enter the string below. Press enter once done.

Type "/reload" in the chat once this is done.

3. Getting Notified in the Background:

  1. Open the TSM UI by typing “/tsm” in the chat window.
  2. On the top menu, go to Settings.
  3. Select Shopping / Sniper from the left vertical menu.
  4. Under Sniper Options -> “Found auction sound" dropdown, select any sound you want.
  5. Make sure in the WoW Sounds Options the setting to enable sound in the background is selected as well.
Thanks a lot for this !
Nice one, thanks a lot

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