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Swatter is an error catching AddOn.

Rather than simply popping up the big red box on your screen when addons break or do bad things, Swatter pops up a nice dialog box that includes the error, how many errors have occurred previously during the current session, the number of times the specific error has occurred this session, a stack trace, and a complete list of loaded AddOns.


When you see a Swatter window pops onto your screen, read the "Message" portion of the Swatter data, and attempt to discern the name of the AddOn causing the issue.

If it looks like an Auctioneer, Gatherer, Enchantrix, or other Norganna's AddOns file, you can click in the dialog, which should highlight the whole text of the error message, then copy (with CTRL-C or Command-C) the data and post it here in the forums, and we will review the error and attempt to provide assistance.

When you encounter an issue with one of our AddOns, you should first ensure that you are running the most recent version, by reinstalling directly from our sites,
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, or
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, and then try to replicate the error while running only our AddOns. Depending on the error, those will most likely be the first steps you are requested to complete before we spend much time attempting to determine the cause. Far too often, one error will cascade and cause issues with other AddOns, so isolating the suspect should become second nature.


  • If you see the Swatter dialog box, that usually means some other AddOn is causing an error and that Swatter is reporting the issue. Most errors do *not* involve Swatter itself.
  • If you have another error catching addon running (e.g. ImprovedErrorFrame), Swatter does not give reports to prevent confusion.
  • Each error will only be displayed once per session, so that the interface will not be clouded by continual notifications if one error continually occurs.
  • Some AddOn authors do not want or need the entire AddOns list, especially those with single file AddOns. You may want to review other issue reports to see the preferred format before providing the Swatter error report in its entirety. We will most often ask for the complete report on our sites.

Slash Command:

/swat or /swatter Displays the available options /swat show Opens Swatter so that you can see any errors that have been "caught". Especially helpful if an error popped up while you were busy and now you have reached a point where you have time to investigate. /swat clear Clears the errors caught up to that point.

Example of an error caught by Swatter:

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Thanks. This should help.

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