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[Solution] 7.3 Shadows OF Argus List of Broken WoW Addons and How to Fix them
Bagnon is bugged in 7.3 how to fix it:

7.3 changed a Sound class in LUA, so a lot of addons are broken (bagnon, autionator for example), the way to fix in Bagnon is, 

Open this file Bagnon\external\Wildpants\components\frameBase.lua

In Notepad or Notepad++

find inside the Lua file the next command:

and change to

Do it for "PlaySound(self.CloseSound)" too...

change to "--PlaySound(self.CloseSound)"

How to fix Auctionator in 7.3:

1. Install Notepad++
2. Go to Search > Find in Files
3. Type "PlaySound" in the Find what box
4. Type "--PlaySound" in the Replace with box
5. Add the directory "Your wow install path\Interface\AddOns\Auctionator"

Trade Skill Master is Bugged in 7.3 Fix:

It's being worked on

Adibas is bugged in 7.3 how to fix it:

Patch 7.3 will break AdiBags tomorrow due to a change to the PlaySound api call.
Currently it takes string argument like:
Patch 7.3 will require a number id or a key from the SOUNDKIT table like:
Here are all the IDs you need to fix it
"igMainMenuOpen" -> IG_MAINMENU_OPEN = 850
"igMainMenuClose" -> IG_MAINMENU_CLOSE = 851
"igMainMenuOption" -> IG_MAINMENU_OPTION = 852
"igBackPackOpen" -> IG_BACKPACK_OPEN = 862
"igBackPackClose" -> IG_BACKPACK_CLOSE = 863
"UI_BagSorting_01" -> UI_BAG_SORTING_01 = 43937
"sTitleOptionExit" -> GS_TITLE_OPTION_EXIT = 799
"igCharacterInfoTab" -> IG_CHARACTER_INFO_TAB = 841
"igMainMenuOptionCheckBoxOn" -> IG_MAINMENU_OPTION_CHECKBOX_ON = 856
"igMainMenuOptionCheckBoxOff" -> IG_MAINMENU_OPTION_CHECKBOX_OFF = 857

I don't know the the table key for this one, only the id number
"igPlayerInviteDecline" -> ??? = 882

Both the core AdiBags files and some in the /libs/ folder have PlaySound calls

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