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[Skinning] Legion Video Spots To Farm Stonehide Leather and Stormscale
Stonehide Leather:

Highmountain 36.0, 37.7 Bears, boars (average)


Stormheim 70.5, 52.4 Bears (average)


Suramar 30.7, 31.6 Wolves (good) 

Stormheim 38.7, 32.8 Wolves (very good) 

Azsuna 33.0, 19.7 Lion Seals (the best) 


Stormheim 79.4, 70.5 Crabs (good)

Highmountain 52.1, 62.1 Basilisks (very good)

Eye of Azshara 57.0, 37.6 Crabs (the best)


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