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Raw Gold Making Insane Gold With Legion Orderhall Missions [~3000g/day/character]
Why Gold Making through Orderhall?

For me, the math works out like this: Each near-maxed out order hall is worth several thousand gold per day. Let's put it at the low end and call it 3,000g per day.

Let's also say it takes me from now until the end of the month to get one order hall into shape. That gives me 3 weeks, which is plenty of time to get your list done.

Let's also say that Blizzard will turn off the free gold train shortly before the expansion drops. Let's pick the most conservative end to that and say the free gold turns off on September 1.

That would mean my new order all would print gold every day from April 1 through September 1. That is 5 months of gold-earning or approximately 150 days.

3000g per day x 150 days = 450,000 free gold, per order hall, between April 1 and September 1.

Since a large portion of the time spent building that order hall is actually just "waiting around for my RNG to give follower tokens + time spent leveling followers on missions", you can easily work on multiple order halls at once.

I do them in batches of two or three toons at a time FWIW. Makes it less maddening to do the same quests over and over and over.

So if you had a server on which you had no money, no professions, and a bunch of level 100s, you could count on 450,000 gold minimum per character that you can drag through those questlines.

To me, there's no other farm in the world that's going to pay me 450,000 for a few hours of quests over a couple of weeks.

Until I run out of 110s to run through, 100s to level to 110, and roster spots to make DKs and DHs on new servers (and set up similar gold schemes), this is the most money per hour I can find.

How Much Time Does it Take on Average?

My time breakdown was per character is this:
  • 7 hours to level 100-110
  • 5 hours to complete order hall and legionfall questlines to get 7 followers (call it a day or two though waiting for the follower quests to go through)
  • 2 hours to complete Argus questline
  • 1 week to level followers to 925
  • 1 week to level followers to 950
  • 2-3 additional weeks to unlock all gear slots on followers, and equip them with decent items
At this point literally all you have to do the rest of the expansion is farm enough order resources to send them on gold missions. The order hall gold income is hilariously broken if you have multiple alts, and I don't see Blizzard putting anything like this into the game in the future. I'm stocking up on passive gold now while I can.

To max out your order hall you need to:
  • Finish most of the class order hall quests to gain followers and unlock 6th follower slot
  • Do
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    on broken shore to unlock 7th follower slot
  • Complete pretty much all of Argus to get access to iLvl 925 gear for followers
  • Get 6 followers to iLvl 925 to enable access to iLvl 950 (how long this takes is purely RNG)
  • Get followers to iLvl 950 (more RNG)
  • Level followers to Legendary to enable 3 equipment slots
  • Get Argus level equipment to equip your followers to make them as powerful as possible
  • Get
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    via quest chain and OH missions (this bit is not that time intensive)

Now you don't necessarily need to go to this extreme, possibly skipping Broken Shore and only running with six characters, not getting
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, farming at iLvl 900, but for me, it took a long time, and it might have been time better spent farming mats.

So, why are you not printing raw gold already?
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