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RS3 Desperate Times Quest Details,Requirements&Rewards
The Desperate Times quest is the bold next step in the epic Elder Gods storyline. New quest named Desperate Times will be released in May 2019.After speaking to Seren in Burthorpe Castle to start this quest, players will attend Seren’s council , visit the Needle with cheap runescape gold Thok and Kerapac and enjoy other activities.

Details of Desperate Times RuneScape

RS Desperate Times is an upcoming quest which is planned to release on May 10, 2019. This new quest is a continuation of the Elder Gods quest series featuring Seren RuneScape, the crystalline goddess of the elves.

The story in Desperate Times RuneScape quest follows on from the encounter with Jas during Sliske’s Endgame. After starting the quest by talking to Seren in Burthorpe Castle, you will be invited to attend her council and try to find a way to appease the Elder Gods and save all life on Gielinor. However, there will be some difficulty as the demands are large and the races are not united. You can team up with Thok and Kerapac RuneScape to visit the Needle, solve some strange puzzles, and discover key moments in the recent history of RuneScape.

Requirements of Desperate Times RuneScape

Desperate Times is relatively mid-level, requiring that players have completed two novice quest– ‘You are It’ and ‘The Needle Skips’ as well as having level 50 in Mining, Smithing and Divination.

There are many cool rewards available including XP lamps and clue scrolls, with more to come as the situation progresses.

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