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Proposed Scion Build in Path of Exile
What makes Path of Exile from all the other online RPGs is how much the developers Grinding Gear Games involved in the game and the community. Sometimes you need to make use of poe currency. Their involvement and enthusiasm for their work extend to how the game is played, and it has not decreased with the recent full release of the game.
These builds they've come up with the different dimensions are possible with
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. From glass cannon-like offensive capabilities to rock-hard defense, and even tricks and traps for very flashy gameplay, these builds are meant to show the Scion in all of her glory as a prestige class with great potential. Exalted orb is good for your build at certain areas.

Grinding Gear Games have given their theories and ideas on how it can be played due to the complexity that is possible with this new class. In actual fact, it seems like they've gotten more eager as they had proposed various builds for the new prestige class, the Scion.

Discharge Scion
Discharge Scion is more on nuking damage to kill foes in one fell swoop. The Scion can build it up and do a great Discharge to deliver incredible damage with the use of Voll's Devotion and Ice Spear to generate charges. The idea can be increased with the use of Blood Rage to create a Tri-Element exploder, which is just as awesome as it sounds.
As it lets you give the charges you build up to your allies, you can take the passive keystone Conduit to become more useful in a party. Although the concept seems extremely good on paper, this build will need a lot of passives to work, so it will require lots of planning beforehand. To make it powerful, you need to get bonus charges and reduced Aura costs.

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