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Pokemon Go Insane Prestige Farming Hyper-level gyms (requires group)
So, I guess a lot of you guys are playing Pokemon Go if you aren't living under a rock.
Thought I might sharea  little trick me and a few friends are doing.

So 5 of us were capping the towns gyms tonight and we found a great way to level the gyms up with very little effort.

1) Take the gym and place a strong pokemon on it which everyone else (including the person placing the pokemon) all have strong counters to that pokemon (eg, put a fire pokemon on the gym when everyone has water available).

2) Get the easy levels first, usually gym level 4 or 5 by having your friends beat that single pokemon repeatedly.

3) Now to power the final level quickly and easily, the person who placed the original pokemon needs to fight it with a guaranteed win pokemon. The others then go to the "place pokemon" screen and wait until the fight is 80-90% done.

4) Just before the killing blow is done, they all place their pokemon on the gym.

5) Grats, the 1v1 battle now gets rewarded as if that 1 pokemon has just beaten 3 or 4 (usually with much higher levels also), giving tens of thousands in prestige.

Example of tonight.

Player 1 put a flareon on the gym
Players 2,3,4,5 battled the flareon easily and got the gym to level 4
Player 1 battles his own flareon with a vaporeon 
When the flareon is near death (10-20% hp left) Players 2, 3 and 4 placed their selected pokemon for that gym
Player 1 wins the fight
Player 1 is awarded thousands in gym prestige, gym is now level 5, nearly level 6
Player 5 places pokemon

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