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[Pokemon GO] Easy level up gym with Pokemon Go macro
Seen a lot of people request bots for gyms but there is an easy trick to do it with just macros

Do this with 2+ accounts if you don't got a second account just make one and catch as low as possible cp pokemon.

Step 1: Get HiroMacro or any macro app on your phone to loop your steps.

Step 2: What i been doing is put 2 very low level pokemons like 10cp and one very high (the high level cp pokemon is more to scare people not to make attempts on the gym if you play during the day. If you play at night then you can put all 3 very low pokemons)

Step 3: Turn on your macro recorder and record how you oneshot the first 2 pokemons and when you are on your third(high level). Flee battle and accept the loss and turn your macro recorder off.(What this does is with every win you receive 100 points to your gym so you can easy farm it)

Step 4: Turn your bot on infinite loops and enjoy your easy mode 50.000 gyms

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