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PokeMonitor - Python Script for AFK/Alt-Tabbed Pokemon Notifications
Found this gem while browsing Ownedcore elite section, might as well share since a lot of you probably play Pokemon Go.

[Image: X8sxEZH.png]

About PokeMonitor

PokeMonitor is a simple but powerful addition to the Python script that generates maps. In addition to map generation, this script keeps the console window nice and clean, provides clear and concise copy-pastable messages that can be shared, plays a sound when a Pokemon is found and has the ability to export the data to an .sqlite database.

It's intended purpose is to be left running in the background while you do other things on your computer, and it will notify you when a Pokemon you are after is around, so you can alt-tab back into  Nox or Bluestacks, grab the Pokemon and carry on with your other activities Smile

The built-in Google Maps still loads and works as normal.

As with all other scripts, this will not work when the API servers are down. 


Installation is very simple. You start by following [sync]'s
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. The only difference is that you replace the download link in step three with my
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If you have used any scripts before, please make sure you install everything from the "requirements.txt" from my download!

Furthermore, if you have already used some Python Scripts before, copy the "pokemonitor.py" and "beep.wav" files out of the zip and into your script folder. Open Command Prompt to your script location, and type "pip install colorama". You may also need to install gpsoauth, which can be done with "pip install gpsoauth". You'll then be ready to start.


Usage is also very simple. Following the same login pattern, you simply replace "example.py" in sync's guide with "pokemonitor.py". It would look like this:

pokemonitor.py -u smitten -p password -l "-33.8590149, 151.2133865" -st 10

To be able to copy and paste from the command prompt, you need to enable QuickEdit. You can do this by opening Command Prompt, right-clicking the title bar and selecting properties, and then checking the "QuickEdit Mode" box. To copy and paste, simply highlight the text and press enter.

You can modify the sound it plays, the Pokemon it tracks for and the shout formats. I've outlined how below:

Modifying Pokemon List

On line 87, you'll find the list named "notificationPokemon". You simply add (or remove) any Pokemon that you want to track from this list. You use their ID from the Pokedex.

notificationPokemon = ['2', '3', '5', '6', '8', '9', '12', '15', '18', '20', '22', '24', '26', '28', '31', '34', '36', '38', '40', '42', '45', '47', '49', '51', '53', '55', '57', '59', '62', '64', '65', '67', '68', '71', '73', '76', '78', '80', '82', '83', '85', '87', '89', '91', '93', '94', '95', '97', '99', '101', '103', '105', '106', '107', '108', '110', '112', '114', '115', '117', '119', '121', '122', '123', '124', '126', '128', '131', '132', '134', '135', '136', '137', '139', '141', '142', '148', '149']
Modifying Shout/Notification Prefix

On line 85, you'll find the variable named "shoutLocation". Simply change this to whatever you think is most appropriate.

Modifying Notification Sound Prefix

Replace the "beep.wav" in the folder with any other .wav file.

Modifying Shout Format

On line 725, you'll find the line out for the notification. Change this to whatever you'd like.

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