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PoE Permanent Boost Your Exiles
Spell casters are eagerly need attributes such as Casting Speed and extra Mana points in Path of Exile, however, melee builds always favor attributes such as Physical Damage boosts and Attack Speed. So if you want to know where you can get permanent boosts for these attributes? Deal with and defeat Bandits is the quest for you.
This quest shows you the option to get any favor from bandit leader’s and kill the other two. If you feel you don’t need these attributes and you need more Passive Skill points actually, then you can kill all three bandits and speak with Eramir of the Forest Encampment to gain the reward. The reward maybe include PoE Currency, gems and facilities or EXP. You have three times to complete the quest with a higher level of difficulty each time, and you may use Exalted Orb to increase your attributes. Please check the list for the rewards below, for your reference:

Kraityn’s Side:

[font=宋体]•[/font] Location: Broken Bridge (entrance: in Old Fields)
[font=宋体]•[/font] Normal Difficulty: +8% to all elemental resistances
[font=宋体]•[/font] Cruel: 8% Attack Speed
[font=宋体]•[/font] Merciless: +1 Max Frenzy Charge
this was copied from metawow, which is a gold selling company. hxxps :// www.metawow. com/news/poe/how-can-you-permanent-boost-your-exiles
Is this a scam? It sounds too good to be legit.

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