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PoE Attacking and DPS
As always, there are two different types of damage in Path of Exile, which is called spell damage and
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. Each has its own characteristic that makes it unique and applicable to combat situations. If a player learns the intricacies of these two different damage types and how to make use of their strengths, they will stimulate their characters' potential.
Attacking type is divided into two subtypes, which are elemental damage and physical damage. For melee and bow-using characters, these are what they should pay attention to. As the character gets stronger and Path of Exile Items become available, that's because elemental damage comes into supplement physical damage and strengthens the character's offensive capabilities.

When it comes to attacking damage, except the base, the most important factors damage are the accuracy and critical strike as they mean the difference between effective and ineffective offense, especially for certain enemy with strong defenses. After all, there's no use to damage either hit hard enough or hit at all.
The advantages of elemental damage are the possibility of exchange from one skill to another to switch up elements to target different enemy types' weaknesses. Using a weapon with high attacking speed and using different elemental damage auras can accomplish this, as well as using elemental damage skills like Spectral Throw. They can impart additional effects on enemies that are very helpful in combat, shock, burning, or freezing.
and physical damage?

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