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Players Enraged Over PUBG Event Pass
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds recently published a
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 titled a new way to unlock rewards, which hints at an
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coming soon that is valued at $9.99. Value wise it's garbage compared to
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 and Fortnite is a free game that allows you to buy the battle pass using currency earned while playing the game. 

Players are angry with this decision by the devs to ignore all the issues plaguing the game and rather introduce another cash grab with this event pass progression system. A
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 was upvoted by the community to the top of all pushing this news by Bluehole in front of US's 3rd most visited site. 
The game already has mostly negative reviews on the steam store. Comments from angry fans over social media do little to convey the overall anger:

Quote:This game was killed by greed and incompetent developers. The game plays the same as the day I purchased it. All these ass backward updates and then disallowed the use of that vibrant colors program that actually made the game look decent. Sigh we are on the losing end unfortunately.

Quote:Fortnite, a FREE GAME, has a way friendlier microtransaction system, whereas this game is $30 fucking dollars and they make you pay to open crates and now they're charging more than Fortnite does for a WORSE Battle Pass.

Quote:You still haven't fixed the important stuff but you want more money for just a couple of dumb ass skins?

Quote:It's hard to pay attention to PUBG anymore. I loved the game, got my $30 worth but clearly they have lost their edge.
Progress is so painfully slow that the game is just stale, and huge optimization issues STILL exist. This is why the player base is evaporating.

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