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[Pet Farm] Wow Gold Farming 14k-20k/h Gilnean Raven Solo Guide with Video
Update: This was a good method in WoD for making gold, but in Legion these sell for 900-1.5k gold, still decent gold but nowhere the amount we got in WoD.

This is a solo guide for those that don't have a friend to summon.
If you do indeed have a friend that can summon you/ RAF buddy/mage/Warlock check this guide here:

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Now to the method of farming this alone you can get around 4-5 Gilnean ravens if you solo do it as compared to around 15-20 per hour if you have friend.

These Ravens sell for around 3.5k-5k on my Highest pop EU server and they sell really quick as it is one of the fastest attacking battle pet in the game right now and many pet pvp-ers will have it on their roster. Combined with the fact that horde only players will not be able to obtain it the price is surely here to stay.

Solo farming this 4x per hour = 14000-20000 gold/hour
Farming using a friend to summon 15x per hour = 52500-75000 per/hour


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