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Pet Farm Legion Gold Farming 8,000-24,000 gold/hour (Some RNG involved - Video & text Guide)
Video Guide:

Spot: Isle Of Thunder, Pandaria

Requirements: A character at least level 90, but 101+ is preferred. The best class is a balance druid, then any other range classes/specs, then the melee/rest of the classes.
Method: Go to the spot located below:

[Image: WfBEUkM.jpg]

Here you will find Filths. Run around the swamp, killing the Filths, and they respawn insanely fast. They spawn in three different sizes, the smaller two don't drop anything worth picking up. While the giant Filths have a chance to drop the "Half-Empty Food Container", which is consumed to get the "Filthling" battle pet. Quick Tip: If you are at least level 101, the food "Bear Tartare" is great for increasing your speed when killing the Filths.

How we make most of our gold: The profit in this farm comes from the Filthling battle pet, which has a median US price of 4000 gold, I used worst and best case scenario for the price range. It is very possible to get over the price range listed.
Note: This spot is nothing new. It's been here for ages, but it is still a really good farm, that lots of people don't do. I hope this guide is straight forward in both the video and text version. The video version contains additional details about strategy, how we're making the gold and other various things. Thanks for reading and/or watching!
Gotta catch em all!
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