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Patch [7.3.5] Dugi Guides + Dugi Macro Suite Always Up to Date
thanks for the DL m8
I needed this, thank you.
Thanks. I like this guide
Here goes. Thanks if this works, btw.
Thanks the share
thanks, have been looking for this
Thanks a lot ! Very happy to get those :')
thank you so so much!
Been waiting for the 8.x release! Thanks!
Awesome thanks Big Grin
Thanks a lot ! Very happy to get that stuff
(05-27-2016, 08:27 AM)Phoen1x Wrote: Last Link Updated: 27 July, 2016
Tested working for the latest 7.0.3 Legion Pre-Patch Build

Sales Page:

Current Version:

Build 8.005 working for 7.0.3

Last Updated:

July 27th 2016

Latest Changelog:

Quote:Build 8.005 - July 23rd 2016
Dugi Addon
* Fixed a bug that loaded some modules twice during login. This has greatly improved the initial loading time of the addon.
* Improved Gear Finder results, should work a lot better but not perfect.  more improvements to come.
* Fixed Gear Finder error
* Fixed missing Gear Finder setting option
* Updated Gear Finder for 7.0.3
* Fixed Gear Advisor for Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Shaman to allow plate/mail armor from level 1
* Fixed Tutorial animation
* Tutorial will remember "stop tutorial" for the account rather than per character so it will stop showing for every new character
* Fixed error bug with Tutorial frame on player login
* Updated Taxi and Map data
* Optimized quest log codes to improve performance due to changes in 7.0.3 API that trigger too many QUEST_LOG_UPDATE events
* Reduced the amount of Flashing effect on the Objective Tracker to improve visual and performance
* Allow waypoint arrow to scale during combat to prevent the "squashed" look when switching to down arrow animation
* Fixed Minimap Blip feature but there's a bug with Blizzard which makes it "flash" a little because SetBlipTexture code is a bit slow after 7.0.3
* Updated addon for patch 7.0.3 API
* IMPORTANT NOTE FOR EU PLAYERS - This update for Dugi is not backward compatible and it will not work with older versions of WoW, please wait until July 20th when the EU server will switch to patch 7.03 before updating Dugi.


Newest version:


Older version:

niceah, thanks alot mayn!
Yay!!!!!!!!!! xD
thank you verys nice

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