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[Ownedcore Elite] Instant LVL 1-25 Battle Pets + Racial Pet.
thanks a bunch for the info!

too bad this no longer works - only see the daily quest on the trainer now
thanks for sharing this!
wow thnx lets try this
Hope this still works!
thanks for the heads up.
(09-03-2016, 07:01 AM)Hmm, gonna give this a go.. thanks Phoen1x Wrote:
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1. Create a new char + class trail on top use goblin for example and login.
2. Use the
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3. Accept and complete the Quest from the BP trainer in ur garrison. ( the normal one not the daily).
4. Use the item you got from it on ur lvl 1 pet and DING..! lvl25 pet.
5. You can teleport to Ogrimar and buy the racial pet at the goblin trainer for some extra profit.
6. You can create 4 chars with the Class Trail per hour.

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realllyy now...
Thanks for the shares hope it still works will update post after I try.
thankyou very much
thanks man  Heart
Thank you very much!

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