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NorthScape - Blizzlike WotLK Experience
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Northscape is a fresh private World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King project. We can guarantee bug-free gameplay in an international environment and a positive atmosphere. We have tested and improved the server mechanics to make sure everything stays in tune with the retail experience.

Reliability and Experience

Quote:As a Cofounder and former main Developer of Sunwell: Feronis & Angrathar. I am experienced in WoW Private Server development and maintenance, thanks to this you can be sure that your characters will be safe and ready for a long term experience.

No Pay-To-Win

Quote:We will never introduce any P2W solutions on Northscape. Vanity items and Experience Boosts is just as far as we go. What is more, we are going to introduce the Slave Market and Bazaar for the Player's convenience.


Quote:The 3.0.9 content will be buffed, the rest of the content is currently in the retail state, excluding the nerfs.

Coming Soon

Quote:First Northscape Realm will launch this year, the date is yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned for further announcements! The second Realm will launch once the first one is fully progressed. Then the realms shall be connected via Cross-realm Service.

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