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No Runescape Halloween Event Planned for 2019
If you are looking forward to in-game Halloween this year, here comes the disappointing news that there is no RS Halloween event 2019 planned currently. A new quest named Araxxor Quest may be released later with a horror theme.
No RS Halloween event hosted for 2019
It has been confirmed that there will not be the RuneScape Halloween event 2019, unless a developer picks it up for GameJam. This information was revealed on the recent two official livestreams.
It will be the third time that no RuneScape Halloween event is hosted for the year, as there were no Halloween event in 2004 and 2013.

RuneScape Araxxor Quest with horror theme
Although no Halloween event this year, it is revealed that Mod Osborne, Mod Camel, Mod Raven, and possibly Mod Orion, are working on a horror themed quest called RuneScape Araxxor Quest. This new quest will be focused around Castle Drakan that fells under a spider infestation/siege.
The Araxxor Quest may be released as a permanent Halloween quest; however, it likely won’t be released by Halloween based on progress.

Anyway, come to enjoy the Halloween event on metawow although there is no RuneScape Halloween event in game. And every week you are able to enjoy the latest game news and guide on metawow.com.

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