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Moving Gold Between Servers Through Cross-Realm Pet Trading + Pet Comparison Tool
If you weren't aware, TSM 3 launched its new Cross-realm Pet Comparison Tool

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This makes it a lot easier to transfer gold between realms and I personally started using it a lot.

Here are few of my personal tips for using this:

First, you don't want to start buying the pets with the highest profit/gold diff., no, that's a terrible idea, why?
Well, because there is no guarantee that a pet will sell.
So, how to make sure you have a high chance of making a sale on the said pet?
Well, there is a way, first, it will take some research I had previously compiled a list of all popular pets that flip instantly on this thread:
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Well, it's somewhat old now, I haven't been tracking nerfs and buffs on these pets. And I'll show you how I've compiled a list so you don't have to go looking for an updated "meta" pets list every patch.

It's pretty simple, what would a lazy person do if he is new to pet battle?
He would watch some youtube videos and click on the first guide that pops up, right?

Now, it's easy, watch some popular 7.x.x patch video pet battle guides on Youtube and sites and compile a list of at least 10 pets that occur more often and recommended by the guide author/Youtuber. Check it's price different on the TSM 3 Web app. Now, you have a curated list of pets and their profit margins, what are you waiting for? Make some cross realm gold!

P.S: As always, methods like these that will help a lot of members will be moved to public section 2-3 days after being posted in private section.

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nice one, thanks!

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