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Mount Farm INSANE 20-40K Gold Per Hour Garn Nighthowl Mount Farming Guide With Video (Hunter)
Thanks for the guide!
Okay il Check since me and my friend got
Thx gonna try out!
gnnao give this a bvlast
Awesome! Thank you!
wow asome thx man
(05-29-2016, 03:35 PM)Sybermon Wrote:
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Note: This farm requires some skill and co-ordination and might take a few tries to get efficient at.

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Value: 1.5-10k Depending On Server

EU Mean - 7268.23g
US Mean - 8458.31g

Average Drops Per hour: 8-10 (Only One Person Gets Mount Each Time)


1) 2x Hunters (Marksman preffered)

2) Distracting Shot Macro - /stopcasting



/cast Distracting Shot

3) Feign Death Macro - /stopcasting


/cast Feign Death


4) Upon Reaching Close To The First Hunter, The First Hunter Uses Distracting Shot And Runs Back To The Ledge (Orange Marker). (1 Min 50 sec)

5) The Second Hunter Runs To The Square Marker And Uses Distracting Shot To Pull The Boss Back To Him.

6) Both The Hunters Juggle The Boss's Aggro Without Getting Hit While Also Doing DPS.

7) After Killing The Boss Switch Servers From The LFG Tool And Follow The Steps Again.


1) Try to be on a voice call with your partner to co-ordinate better. (For Example: Using Feign Death When The Other Hunter Has Distracting Shot On Cooldown)

2) Beware Of The Sprint Buff On Garn Nighthowl And Use Distracting Shot A Tad Bit Earlier During The Buff.

3) Having A Level 3 Gladiator's Sanctum Allows You To Take 2 hits From Garn Nighthowl.
I want to check in practice.
Thank you so much!
thank you very much
Thanks, looks nice!

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