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Most Comprehensive & Fastest Alliance Classic Leveling Guide [1-60] Classic WoW
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(08-23-2019, 01:17 AM)Redwolke7 Wrote:
(08-10-2019, 04:28 PM)Phoen1x Wrote:
Fastest Alliance 1-60 Leveling Guide 
For Classic WoW 


This guide is specialized for Human Paladins but any class can follow it for a smooth route to level 60. If you don’t play Human you can enter the guide in either the Loch Modan or Darkshore part between levels 9-11. If you find this guide in the middle of your way to 60 it’s possible to jump into, but please note that the guide heavily relies on “breadcrumb” quests that are picked up in one zone and done in another, usually involving long chains, so you might not have access to all the quest.
There are some Paladin specific parts for class quests and item upgrades, but they can be skipped and replaced by your own class specific stuff if you are not playing Paladin.

When questing it’s important that you kill mobs while running between one area to another and doing objectives, this xp will add up a lot in the long run and will save you some time grinding to make up for lost xp. 

Because of the lack of quest in certain level ranges, doing a few dungeons and their respective quests are highly recommended. If you are trying to speed level, dungeons are mostly not recommend unless you got a prepared guild or friends group since they can be huge time-sinks if you are going with random people in a non-organized group.

There are also some inconsistencies when it comes to which quests that are available and which aren’t. Many quests were changed and added during vanillas lifecycle, some of the most noteworthy are places like Thorium Point and Silithus. Because of the level 40 cap on the classic beta it’s been very hard to confirm which quests that will exist in phase 1 and which will not, so I apologize in advance if I happen to include any quests that don’t yet exist or intentionally skip a quest that I thought wouldn’t exist.

Having a good weapon is crucial for leveling fast. Some of the weapon upgrades I get in this guide is limited supply from vendors and will not always be available. I will point out when there is a new weapon upgrade available during the guide with the <WEAPON UPGRADE> notice.

Chapter 1
Levels 1-20

Expected /played time to 20: 7-10h

1-4 Northshire Abbey

  1. Accept A Threat Within and turn it in. Accept Kobold Camp Cleanup and Eagan Peltskinner. Turn in Eagan Peltskinner and accept Wolves Across the Border.
  2. Kill Wolves and Kobolds, the goal here is to reach level 2 asap. You don’t need to complete these quests, just kill stuff until you reach level 2.
  3. When you reach level 2, go back to Willem and accept Brotherhood of Thieves.
  4. Go east to the defias and start killing them. Also keep killing wolves to complete Wolves across the border.
  5. When done killing defias, go back and turn it in.
  6. Accept Milly Osworth & Bounty on Garrick Padfoot.
  7. Turn in Wolves Across the Border if completed.
  8. Turn in Milly Osworth and accept Milly’s Harvest.
  9. Go back to the defias and collect grapes. After you got them go and kill Garrick Padfoot.
  10. Turn in Milly’s Harvest, accept Grape Manifest.
  11. Turn in Grape Manifest in the top of the Abbey tower and turn in Bounty on Garrick Padfoot outside.
  12. Sell everything in your bags.
  13. Leave Northshire Abbey and run towards Goldshire, pick up Rest and Relaxation.
  14. If you are going to level Skinning you can train it in the house on the left side before you reach Goldshire.
  15. When you arrive in Goldshire, turn in Rest and Relaxation.
  16. Set HS.
4-9 Elwynn Forest

  1. Accept Kobold Candles, The Fargodeep Mine and Gold Dust Exchange.
  2. Learn Devotion Aura and Judgement from the Paladin trainer. If you are going with skinning you probably will have to skip buying Blessing of Might since skinning knife costs 87 copper and you won’t be able to afford it.
  3. If you want Herbalism or Mining from the get-go you can run to Stormwind and train them, then use your HS back to Goldshire.
  4. Clean your bags and buy Skinning Knife.
  5. Go to Fargodeep mine and kill kobolds until you reach level 5.
  6. Run west to Stonefield farm, kill boars you meet. Accept Lost Necklace.
  7. Continue killing boars and run east to Maclure’s farm, turn in Lost Necklace, accept Pie for Billy and then Young Lovers in the small house nearby.
  8. Run back to Stonefield Farm and continue west to the river. Turn in Young Lovers, accept Speak with Gramma. Go back to the farm and turn in Pie for Billy, accept Back to Billy. Also turn in Speak with Gramma and accept Note to William.
  9. Go Back to the other farm and turn in Back to Billy, Accept Goldtooth.
  10. Go into the mine via the lower entrance, be careful not to pull several kobolds at the same time. 
  11. You should find Goldtooth straight up the slope after the first room. Continue killing kobolds until you complete Kobold Candles if there are kobolds around, if you have to stand around waiting for respawns you should leave.
  12. Turn in Goldtooth at Stonefield farm.
  13. Accept Princess Must Die! (lvl 6 requirement).
  14. Make sure you are level 6, otherwise grind on anything you can find before going back to Goldshire.
  15. Run back to Goldshire and turn in The Fargodeep Mine, Gold Dust Exchange, Note to William and Kobold Candles (if you completed them).
Then follow these below in order:

  1. Accept new quests; The Jasperlode Mine, Collecting Kelp.
  2. Train spells, clean your bags. 
  3. Run east to Crystal Lake, kill murlocs to collect Kelp.
  4. When you got 4 Kelp grind your way northeast to the Jasperlode mine.
  5. Enter Jasperlode Mine, be very careful of Geomancers, their fireballs do a lot of damage. You can use the walls to line of sight their casts and forcing them to come to you to minimize risk of pulling more than one.
  6. Head straight into the mine and when you come up the slope you will get credit for exploring. Run out of there and if you need more candles or gold dust you can get them from Kobolds outside the mine. It’s important that you complete Kobold Candles, but Gold dust you can skip.
  7. Make sure you will ding 7 by turning in the quests before going back to Goldshire and turning in The Jasperlode Mine, Collecting Kelp, Kobold Candles and Gold Dust Exchange.
  8. Accept A Fishy Peril, turn it in and accept Further Concerns.
  9. Grind your way east through the forest to Guard Thomas.
  10. Turn in Further Concerns, accept Find the Lost Guards and Protect the Frontier.
  11. Run north along the river until you find the first guard’s remains, click it and turn in Find The Lost Guards. Accept Discover Rolf’s Fate.
  12. Cross the river east and enter Eastvale logging grounds. Accept A Bundle of Trouble.
  13. Start killing wolves and bears in the area while picking up bundles of wood.
  14. Find the second lost guard in the murloc camp. Click the remains and turn in Discover Rolf’s Fate. Accept Report to Thomas. Be careful of pulling many murlocs and kite them back, kill one at the time.
  15. When you got all wood for A Bundle of Trouble turn it in. If you need more wolves/bears you can find them south of the road as well.
  16. Go kill Princess at the pumpkin farm, you can kite her away and the adds will reset so you can kill her alone.
  17. Turn in Protect the Frontier and Report to Thomas. Accept Deliver Thomas’ Report.
  18. Run east to Redridge Mountains. Go die to a spider on your right and take ress sickness to same time. Take Flight path.
  19. HS to Goldshire.
  20. Accept The Escape and Shipment to Stormwind. Turn in Deliver Thomas’ Report. 
  21. Train new spells, clean bags, but save meat, you need 10 for cooking soon.
  22. Run south to the farms, turn in The Escape and Princess Must Die.
  23. You should be level 9 now, go back to Goldshire and accept Elmore’s Task.
  24. Run to SW. Turn in Shipment to Stormwind in Trade district and continue to Dwarven district and turn in Elmore’s Task. Accept Stormpike’s Delivery.

9-11 Loch Modan

  1. Take Deeprun Tram to Ironforge.
  2. Get FP, train new skinning, train FA, buy food/water if needed.
  3. Set HS.
  4. Run out of IF, go east. Kill boars and bears you meet. Make sure you have a combined amount of 10 boar/wolf meat.
  5. <WEAPON UPGRADE> If there are people around, or if you feel confident being able to kite Vagash to the guard on the road without dying, do Protecting the Herd, but don’t waste time waiting around if you can’t do it.
  6. Head over to the Quarry, accept Those Blasted Troggs! And The Public Servant. Do them in the cave below, group up to complete faster, limited amount of mobs here.
  7. Turn in Those Blasted Troggs! And The Public Servant.
  8. Learn cooking from an npc next to the quest givers. Train cooking to 10 using boar/wolf meat. We need 10 cooking skill to take a quest in Darkshore later. 
  9. <WEAPON UPGRADE> Take the north tunnel to Loch Modan and accept The Lost Pilot, Find the pilot corpse a bit to the west, turn it in and accept A Pilot’s Revenge.
  10. Kill the white bear Mangleclaw and then turn in A Pilot’s Revenge.
  11. Continue into the next tunnel to Loch Modan.
  12. Head south towards Thelsamar, kill all boars, bears and spiders you see on your way there. Accept Thelsamar Blood Sausages, Rat Catching and Mountaineer Stormpike’s Task in Thelsamar.
  13. Take FP.
  14. Head back north to the tower. Continue killing all beasts until you got 3 bear meat, spider ichor and boar intestensies.
  15. At the tower, turn in Mountaineer Stormpike’s Task and Stormpike’s Delivery. Accept Filthy Paws and Stormpike’s Order.
  16. Go east to the mine and kill kobolds. Try to do Filthy Paws in the mine, but it can be hard to do if the respawns are long and there isn’t any other people around.
  17. Continue killing kobolds and beasts until you are done with Rat Catching and Thelsamar Blood Sausages.
  18. Turn in Filthy Paws in the tower and clean your bags.
  19. Make sure you have 74 silver at this point. If you don’t, grind on random stuff, pref beasts so you can skin and get extra silver for leather or sell everything in your bags.
  20. <WEAPON UPGRADE> When you got 74 silver head up to the west side of the Dam and buy Heavy Spiked Mace or the alternative Ironwood Maul if you can’t afford it or if it’s sold out from Nillen Andemar.
  21. Go back to Thelsamar and turn in Rat Catching. Turn in Thelsamar Blood Sausages in the Inn. You should be around 11,5 now.
  22. HS to Ironforge.
  23. Train spells, get new skinning / First aid if you need it.
  24. Leave Ironforge and head west in Dun Morogh. Head to this place marked with an X, run up the mountain to the top and then jump down and die on the other side. You will ress at the graveyard in Wetlands just outside Menethil Harbor. Take ress sickness and run into town. If you are unsure about the jump look for a video on youtube how to do it.
  25. In Menethil Harbor, take FP and then take the boat to Darkshore. You can train your first aid, fix your UI, Addons etc while waiting on boat.
Read the full guide (Google Docs): 

You can even download it as epub or pdf and save it on your Mobile to read it. The guide has Color-coded text, images, and maps to further assist you

Go to File > Download As and select the format.
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