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More Gold Farming Changes In Legion Beta PTR Latest Patch
1. Blood of sargeras will remain BoP

Quote:I haven't been this disappointed in Blizzard in long time.
Being forced to do hundreds of quests with all of my crafters to unlock recipes is bad enough.
But now I won't even be able to craft any of the big recipes I spent hours on farming.
I know, you can get the "Boon of the Bloodhunter" shoulder enchant if you are exalted with "The Wanderes" that enables you to get Blood of Sargeras from mob drops. But not only would I need to get exalted on all of my toons, it also means I would then have to grind thousands of mobs in order to craft a single item - and I would have to do this on all of my toons.
My toons are crafters, they are supposed to stay in SW. I don't want to be forced to do quests and mobgrinds over and over again, no matter how hard Blizzard tries to sell it to me as "engaging content".
This new system is pretty much the old Spirit of Harmony system all over again (which got a LOT of flack from the community btw), but this time it is gated behind a exalted rep grind.
This decision, to keep Blood of Sargeras BoP, singlehandely cuts down the joy I will have playing Legion by a tremendous margin.
Since I will surely not farm them myself on all of my toons, I will have to resort to finding other players that
a) have the recipe for the item I want
b) have enough Blood of Sargeras to craft the item
and c) are willing to sell me their Blood of Sargeras at a reasonable price.
So, once I find someone that meets all these criteria, I will trade him all the materials he needs (except for the Blood of Sargeras that he provides) and pay him some gold for his Blood of Sargeras.
Then I have to wait for him to craft and trade me the item (and hope he doesn't try to scam me).
So, in the end, I will still be buying Blood of Sargeras, but it will be a logistical pain in the ass.
Also, apart from Blizzard turning Crafting into a logistical nightmare for me, they also get rid of a market that could have been the most fun market to me.
I absolutely love flipping felblight and savage blood in WoD and I was really excited to get into Blood of Sargeras flipping.
But that's not something Blizzard would want, me actually enjoying their game.
Beep boop - fun detected - better don't allow for that to happen - beep boop

2. Potions of Luck removed on Legion Beta PTR

Quote:I have been saying for a while that this will be the first expansion ever to have gold DEflation, and this is another sign that Blizz is indeed pushing for this. Look at what has transpired thus far:
Garrison treasure missions nerfed to the ground
JC daily has been nerfed heavily
Smuggled sack of gold taken away
Follower ilvl upgrade vendor prices nerfed
Gold cap raised (allowing for huge gold sinks via BMAH)
Potion of luck removed
That is just what I can think of quickly off the top of my head. Blizz is in the gold-selling business now, so they need the economy to be under control. They make substantially more money selling tokens than subscpriptions, so they need people willing to buy these tokens. Also, because you can now pay your sub in gold, people are keeping subscriptions active that would otherwise have gone dormant. It is a win/win for them to keep this up, that means they need to do the following:
Keep a large part of their base gold-starved so they will spend their $20 on tokens.
Keep the price of tokens low enough that people can still buy them with gold.
Blizz is trying to pull as much gold out of the economy as they can to get people to go out and buy it from them. I think deflation is inevitable.

3. Cata Raids Drop Much Lower Gold Legion Beta PTR Pre-Patch

Quote:I've been using the Link feature that wowhead offeres to check on items in-game. It looks like they are lowering the sell price for drops in cataclysm raids.
Here's some screenshots of the items that drop from deathwing with their cost lowered (http://imgur.com/a/eR8Yd ). I've also looked through a few from firelands and they've all had their sell price lowered by about 10g.
I'd also expect the raw gold drops from boss kills to be lowered as well.
Looks like MOP raid drops are also lowered by around 10-30g
http://www.wowhead.com/item=96553 (Uroe, Harbinger of Terror) is 66g on live and 49 on ptr.

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