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[Misc.] Northrend Cloth Shuffle How To Maximize Gold From Frostweave
Hello everyone!, I'm still fairly new to adding a lot of context to my videos so this maybe very choppy and all over the place. I'm probably going to write something similar to what I would in a blog post. However, it's been ages since I've written a article and I've since moved onto just sharing screenshots of routes to my website. Hoping that will change as I get more time though! Anyways, we will be looking at how everyone can maximize their Gold or even profits from Frostweave cloth. I like to try and stay away from buying anything for any sort of shuffle I do so in the video I go over one location I really enjoy farming for frostweave and I felt reflected a lot on how to truly maximize your gold from frostweave. 

First thing I'd like everyone to keep in mind, the whole purpose of these Expansion shuffles is for players to go out enjoy a nice force respawn farm, raid, or dungeon, and turn their yields into as much gold as they possibly can. To start things off with, because this a Northrend shuffle, tailors can pick up cloth scavenging from their northrend tailoring trainer to collect even more frostweave throughout their choice of farming location. This isn't necessary, though will add a good chunk more gold to your earnings. You will also need a enchanter as well. This is to disenchant any greens you come across that you do not wish to sell on the AH. To recap this so far. 

Choose a farming location in northrend 
Force respawn

Profession Perks
Tailors get more Frostweave cloth if the have the skill that can be trained from trains in Dalaran

Now that you have chosen your choice in farming location, begin to farm. It can be for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour, 4 hours. However long you may wish. Obviously the longer you stay the more gold you can make. We aren't after loads of gold per hour. We are looking at enjoying gold farming. I spent a total of 4 minutes farming without being a tailor and got almost 500g worth of materials. No, that's not a lot, but I sure did enjoy it. 

Anyways, after you are finished farming, you will want to send over all your Frostweave and greens to which ever character can disenchant Warth of the Lich King greens and Frostweave to which ever is the tailor. I typically keep tailoring and enchanting on the same character solely for these type of shuffles. If you have tailoring on one character and enchanting on another. This process may take you a bit longer. Either way you will want to go ahead and disenchant all your greens you do not wish to try and sell on the AH. Hold onto the dust because the infinite dust is a huge part of what makes this shuffle profitable.

After you are done disenchanting, turn your frostweave cloth into bolts of frostweave. If you have a ton of the cloth, you may want to find yourself something to keep you occupied for a bit. If I remember correctly it takes about about 15 minutes to get through 300 bolts? To craft that many bolts however, you need 1500 frostweave cloth. The location I show in the video yields roughly 1500 frostweave cloth in an hour if you are a tailor. Something to keep in mind. 

After we are done crafting those bolts, you will want to use the infinite dust and bolts of frostweave cloth to make the Imbued bolts of frostweave. So here is where the shuffling varies for many people. You can either 
A.) Sell the imbued bolts of frostweave
B.) Craft Frostweave Bags  
C.) Craft a special cloth
D.) Craft transmog

If you asked me, i'd make the frostweave bags. This is because there will always be a market for bags if properly priced.Obviously you can't sell a 20 slot bag for 2-3k when there are 32 slot bags that go for the same price. Frostweave bags are around 250g at the moment which really isn't a bad deal.

I'd get into more details about this farm but this guide isn't a highlight over this one location. I want this shuffle to reflect on all of Northrend content. If those are interested in a full-on post like this for this farming location, let me know and I an work on it as soon as I get a chance Smile.
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I never actually touched Northrend tailoring to much, but this actually makes me excited to try it. I'm going to do the Frostweave bags as well and hopefully make a little extra with my Xmog farming.
(08-11-2019, 10:34 PM)Flakeybrut Wrote:
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I never actually touched Northrend tailoring to much, but this actually makes me excited to try it. I'm going to do the Frostweave bags as well and hopefully make a little extra with my Xmog farming.
I'm glad to shed some light for you on this Smile

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